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The Milton parking garage is an unmarked location in the Commonwealth in 2287. It is located in the south-central section of the map, north across the street from Fallon's department store and west across the street from Milton General Hospital. It also sits diagonally across the intersection northwest of West Roxbury station.


One may be easily guided into the building by visible white painted arrows around the door. The location is a parking garage connected by catwalks to both Fallon's department store and Milton General Hospital. The garage is boarded up into a maze that houses numerous traps, including a room filled with bathroom scale pressure plates that trigger grenade bouquets. Many mutilated wastelanders can be found throughout the garage as well as several containers with leveled loot and ammo.

Entering from the first floor, the Sole Survivor will have to make their way through numerous winding wooden hallways. Hints can be gathered while traversing the parking garage, that the area was set up by a psychopath.

Exploring the whole building will lead the player character to the top, discovering two locked cells. Both cells contain leveled loot and are reverse booby-trapped, meaning that if the left cell door is opened, it will activate the flame traps in the right cell, destroying all contents inside and vice versa. The player character must, therefore, choose which cell holds the most valuable loot to them personally.

There is, however, a way to get most of the contents in the left cell. The back of the left prize cell (the one that has the mini nuke) can be accessed above the ramp that leads to the floor that contains the cells. The back wall of the mini nuke cell has a hole in it which is covered in wire mesh. This wire mesh can be clicked through. There is a small ledge to the right of the ramp, assuming that the player character is facing towards the cells. It can be jumped on to further maneuver towards the hole in the mini nuke cell. Jumping towards the hole in the cage while on the ledge will allow the player character to be able to select the leveled loot on the end table and in the chest. It is not possible to get the fusion cores on the lower shelf of the end table using this method as they are obscured from view.

There are at least 12 tripwires (spring, gear), 11 grenades from bouquets, 6 clapping monkeys (no effect), 1 turret, 31 bathroom scales (copper, steel), 1 each laser pistol/laser rifle/shotgun trap, 10 Tesla arc traps, 2 door triggers (noclip only), 2 makeshift bombs and a single flamethrower trap that can be disarmed from outside the final 'pick only one prize' cell to no effect on the overall scenario.

Notable loot

  • Hot Rodder issue #3 ("Hot Pink" custom paint job), inside the parking lot. Top floor sleeping quarters in the northeastern corner of the building, near the prize cells.
  • A guaranteed mini nuke and four fusion cores occupy one of the cells that may be chosen at the end.
  • A large amount of springs, copper, and other resources gathered from disarming traps.


  • Fast traveling to this location, or the nearby Fallon's, Milton General, or West Roxbury station, can result in the Player character spawning very close to three super mutant suiciders.
  • Destroying the parked cars with explosions will open the barred exit door on the roof of the garage, as well as sometimes detonate/trip several of the higher-floor traps.


The Milton parking garage only appears in Fallout 4.