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The Milton parking garage is an unmarked location in the Commonwealth in 2287. It is located in the south-central section of the map, north across the street from Fallon's department store and west across the street from Milton General Hospital. It also sits diagonally across the intersection northwest of West Roxbury station.


The garage is a five-story building, with three different access points, two of which are initially barred and need to be unbarred from inside. Near the intersection and on street level, white arrows around a red door mark the only accessible entrance to the first floor. The second access point is a barred metal door located on the fourth floor, which leads to a stairwell at Fallon's via a pedestrian overpass. The third access point is another barred metal door on the same floor, which grants access to the garage's rooftop. The whole interior consists of wall elements creating a maze, which is full of traps and radioactive barrels.

First floor

After entering from street level, there is a section to the right, which has a caps stash along with some radroaches, while the main hallway leads west to a room with several mannequins. To the north, there is a hallway with many radioactive barrels, which only leads to a dead end with a chem box, wooden crate, and two packs of RadAway. To the east are three red buttons and four jail cells with closed doors; pressing the left and right buttons opens the doors.

After passing the jail cells and following the hallway to the end, the northeastern room holds six clapping cymbal monkeys as well as a first aid kit and a tool case. Behind the southwestern door next to the lit lamp, there is only a turret in a shopping cart in front of a Christmas tree with two canisters of Jet. The northwestern doorway has one tripwire and eighteen bathroom scales, which will activate the six grenade bouquets farther ahead when triggered. The ramp behind the scales leads up to the second floor.

Second floor

Upon ascending the ramp, there are two tripwires between the wooden chests and the tires. They activate a missile launcher trap on a rusted Pick-R-Up truck next to a chem box to the south. East of the truck, a hallway leads further ahead.

Immediately to the east after the two tripwires (before the truck), there is a hallway with a flammable liquid on the floor, with another tripwire behind some wooden crates. Triggering this wire activates a wall-mounted laser gun on the opposite side of the hallway, which ignites the liquid. In the northeastern corner of this floor, several dead settlers and traders are found in a small compartment, which is also rigged with a tripwire. An area overlooking the ramp from the first floor around the compartment to the north and west hides a first aid box.

The ramp to the third floor runs adjacent to the one from the first floor. It can be accessed from the hallway with the flammable liquid by turning north at the intersection, then west.

Third floor

This floor has multiple paths, which all lead to the northeastern corner of the floor, where the ramp leading up to the fourth floor is located. Other than some feral ghouls, there is nothing noteworthy on this level.

Fourth floor

After coming up the ramp, there are six tripwires and twelve bathroom scales, which activate nine wall- and ceiling-mounted Tesla traps when triggered; a wooden crate is in a nearby alcove. Past those traps, the door leading to Fallon's can be unbarred. Following the hallway east, there are three marked doors. The first and third door are only dead ends, and hold a Tesla trap and two shotgun traps respectively, which are triggered by opening each door.

The second door leads to a short northern hallway with two more tripwires, which activate explosive charges on the wall next to them. In the northeastern corner is a bedroom with a weapons workbench and several loot containers. West from the bedroom are two prize cells, which each have a steamer trunk and loot in them. However, only one cell can be looted, by pressing the red button next to it. Doing so opens the first cell, but also activates the flamethrower trap in the other cell destroying all loot inside it.

The hallway running south from the cells leads to the second barred door on this floor, which grants access to the ramp leading to the garage's open rooftop.


The rooftop has many derelict vehicles, including one Lone Wanderer motorcycle, two Cherry Bombs, three Atomic V-8, and several station wagons. In the southwestern corner, a walkway leads across to the external stairwell at the Fallon's department store. On the northeastern side, a makeshift set of wooden stairs leads down to a raised walkway, which grants access to a door leading to the second floor of Milton General Hospital.

Notable loot

  • Hot Rodder issue #3 ("Hot Pink" custom paint job) - On a table next to the bed, in the bedroom with the weapons workbench on the fourth floor.
  • One mini nuke and four fusion cores - On and under a metal shelf in the left of the two prize cells on the fourth floor.


  • Potentially large amounts of components (copper, gears, springs, steel, and others) can be obtained when disarming the various traps.
  • Fast traveling to this location, or the nearby Fallon's, Milton General, or West Roxbury station, can result in the player character spawning very close to three super mutant suiciders. This can also happen when exiting the Vault 88 manhole.
  • Destroying the parked cars with explosions will open the barred exit door on the roof of the garage, as well as sometimes detonate/trip several of the higher-floor traps.


The Milton parking garage only appears in Fallout 4.