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You look like you can handle yourself. Could you look for him and bring him back?

Milly is a Pitt slave in The Pitt's Downtown in the year 2277.


Part of a tiny enclave of Pitt slaves that exists near the Market Square in the Downtown area, Milly is a close friend of Wild Bill and is desperate to know her friend's whereabouts. She wanders the alleys, hoping to catch a glimpse of her friend. She has also appropriated some stimpaks, hiding them in various nondescript objects throughout Downtown.[1]

Daily scheduleEdit

Milly never actually grinds metal, she simply walks around the Downtown area, waiting for news from Wild Bill.


Milly is in love with Wild Bill, one of the more courageous slaves.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Interactions overviewEdit

General Services Quests
Essential: Icon cross
Enslavable: Icon cross
Companion: Icon cross
Bounty: Icon cross
Merchant: Icon cross
Repairman: Icon cross
Doctor: Icon cross
Rents bed/room: Icon cross
Starts quests: Icon check
Involved in quests: Icon cross



Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Tattered slave outfit or
worn slave outfit
- - -


  • If the player character lies by describing how Wild Bill died, she will faint.
  • One can find her stash hidden in the following items: A broken TV set, a vent conduit, a broken fire hydrant and an engine block. They are all located in the area she is patrolling when you meet her, except the broken fire hydrant located on a rubble pile near Adan. As they are normally not containers it is easy to miss them. They always contain 2 stimpaks and some chems.

Notable quotesEdit

  • "Bill's a friend of mine, a very dear friend. We've worked the mill together for a long time. Last week we were forced to choose someone to gather ingots from the Steelyard. Bill volunteered. He didn't want anyone to have to die out there. But... he's a survivor. He can't be dead."
  • "You look like you can handle yourself. Could you look for him and bring him back?"
  • "Please, please stop. I can't hear anymore of it. I don't feel so well."


Milly appears only in The Pitt add-on for Fallout 3.


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