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For the character mentioned in Fallout 4, see Miller (Fallout 4).

PV13.pngThe following is based on pre-release information for the canceled online game codenamed Project V13 and is not considered canon.
This is a High Calling, Brother. I'm sure you will do well.Elder Francis

Miller was a Brotherhood of Steel scribe and emissary to the Guardian Brotherhood.

Background[edit | edit source]

Miller was a Brotherhood of Steel scribe "on loan," and set training missions with, the Guardian Brotherhood. The missions, assigned by Elder Francis, apart from fulfilling his mandatory combat training, had the primary goal of finding out if there truly is a tunnel entrance to The Glow, and also aimed to keep the Brotherhood connected with the outside world.

Miller, as a scribe, was more comfortable conducting research in the safety of the base, and as such not nearly as confident in combat, he was slightly overwhelmed by it all, something he could sense some of the team knew. In fact Francis had assigned Miller this mission in particular for his scientific mind in the case that, should the information of a tunnel entrance prove factual, any obstacles could be assessed and understood. He took direct hit from a sniper slug at some point in the operation and although he served his squad as best he could, he was quick to come under sarcastic jibes over his abilities, particularly from Jenkins who used the tensions to pressure Miller into giving him his hardened power armor.

Jenkins was later knocked down during a scout-ahead and Miller pulled Jenkins to safety where he was able to accurately assess a creature previously unknown to the Brotherhood, a mutant mantis shrimp.

Had the outcome of the mission been revealed, and it was a success, Elder Francis would have received word from Miller of the Guardian Brotherhoods minimal communication practices on the field, super mutants utilizing power armor as well as his assessment of the mutant mantis shrimps inhabiting the area.[1]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Miller is mentioned only in the short story "On the Beach," published in The Armageddon Rag, Vol. 3.

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