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A page for military ranks separated by faction, listed in alphabetical order.

Commonwealth Minutemen[]

These ranks are used by the Commonwealth Minutemen.

Rank Members Ref
  • General
Joe Becker · McGann · Sole Survivor (optional) [1][2][3]
  • Colonel
Ezra Hollis · Marbury [4][5]
  • Captain
Mercer Creation Club [6]
  • Lieutenant
Foster [7]
  • Sergeant
  • Unnamed
Anderson · Anthony · Brent Savoldi · Clint (formerly) · Emma · James Wire (formerly) · Josh · Preston Garvey · Ronnie Shaw · Williams [8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15]


These ranks are used by the Gunners.

Rank Members Ref
  • Brigadier
  • Colonel
Cypress [16]
  • Commander
Bear · Kaylor [16]
  • Major
Jefferies [17]
  • Captain
Bridget · Carol Janssen Creation Club · Wes [18][19]
  • Lieutenant
Clint · Conners · Lazanski Creation Club · Ryan [20][17][21][22]
  • Sergeant
Baker · Lanier · Lee · Marcks [20][23][24][25]
  • Corporal
Downey · Tornin [26][27]
  • Private
Benson · Caroni Creation Club · Clay · Hart · Martin · Tyler [28][21][26][17][29]
  • Conscript
  • Unnamed
Ace Creation Club · Barnes · Brett Dunmore (formerly) · Bullet · Crane Creation Club · Cruz · Davis · Deuce Creation Club · Feldt Creation Club · Harrald · Jack Creation Club · Jones Creation Club · Locke · Monique Dunmore (formerly) · Queen Creation Club · Robert MacCready (formerly) · Ryder · Sabot · Sal · Sarge Creation Club · Tessa · Winlock · Zachariah (formerly) [30][31][32][33][34][29][35][21][36][37][38][39][40][41][42][43][44][45]

New California Republic[]

These ranks are used by the New California Republic Army and New California Republic Rangers.

Rank Members Ref
  • General
Lee Oliver [46]
  • Brigadier general
Cassandra MooreCut content [47]Cut content
  • Colonel
Cassandra Moore · James Hsu · Royez [48]
  • Major
Dhatri · Gerard · Elizabeth Kieran · Joseph Polatli · Knight [49]
  • Captain
Gilles · Marie Pappas · Parker · Ronald Curtis [50]
  • Lieutenant
Ashville · Carrie Boyd · Gorobets · Haggerty · Hayes · Markland · Monroe · Romanowski [48]
  • Second lieutenant
Theodore Gorobets [51]
  • Master Sergeant
  • First sergeant
Astor [52]
  • Staff sergeant
Arms merchant [53][54]
  • Technical Sergeant
Reyes [55]
  • Sergeant
Andrews · Banner · Bitter-Root · Daniel Contreras · James Merish · Kilborn · Lee · McCredie · McGee · NCR sergeant [56]
  • Corporal
Betsy · Mags · Marcus Christensen · Sterling · Walter Hornsby · White · William Farber [51]
  • Private First Class
Donald Kowalski · Jeremy Watson · Roger Westin III [51]
  • Private
Ackerman · Christina Morales · Daniels · Davey Crenshaw · Foster · Gilbert · Halford · Humphreys · Jackson · Jake Erwin · James Sexton · Jeffery Hui · Jensen · Kowalski · Kyle Edwards · O'Hanrahan · Ortega · Poindexter · Razz · Renolds · Seamer · Stone · Watkins [57]


Rank Members Ref
  • Chief
Elise · Hanlon
  • Ranger/RGR

Andy · Bryce Anders · Castillo · Dobson · Erasmus · Ericsen · Ghost · Gomez · Ranger Grant · Green · Jackson · Keller · Kudlow · Lenk · Milo · Pason · Rebecca Lineholm · Scheffer · Stella · Stepinac · Stevens · Tilden

People's Liberation Army[]

These ranks are used by the People's Liberation Army of China.

Rank Members Ref
  • Chairman
  • General
  • Captain
  • Sergeant

United States Armed Forces[]

These ranks are used by the various branches of the United States Armed Forces: the United States Army, the United States Air Force, the US Coast Guard, the United States Navy, and the United States Marine Corps.

United States Army
Rank Members Ref
  • Brig Gen
Scott Lowe [58]
  • General/Gen
Brock · C. Braxton · Clifton · Constantine Chase · George M. Martine · Martin Retslaf · Rawlings · Robert Dobbs · T. Harper · Thomas McAllen · Victor Breckenridge · Wellesley [59][60][61][62][63][64][65][66][67][68][69][70][71]
  • Colonel/Col
Ellen Santiago · George Kemp · James Oberlin · Moretti · Myron Pollard · Patterson · Robert Spindel · Rosemont · Thomas Nelson [72][73][74][75][76][77]
  • Major/Maj
Barnett · Kirk Bentley · Newton [72][78][79]
  • Captain
Elliott Maxwell · Mitch Dunleavy · Oliver Fields · Roger Maxson · Rutledge · Zachary Lloyd [80][81][82][83][84][85]
  • Lieutenant/Lt
Elizabeth Taggerdy · Justin Green · Patterson · Thomas Morgan [86][87][88][89]
  • 2nd Lieutenant
James Kord [90]
  • Mgt
Lawson · Thomas Senecheck [81]
  • Msg
G.C. Broadrick · Raymond Esteban [68]
  • Staff sergeant/SSGT/SSG
Lansky · Michael Daly [91][92]
  • Sergeant/Sgt
Dennis Allen · Daniels · Deke DaSilva · Elk · Fred Radcliff · Groves · Jake Bianchi · James R. Justus · John Reise · Kathryn Montgomery · J.P. Renkse · Lowry · O'Malley · Orlando Garrett · Platner · Rivera · Robert Baker · Taybert · Ted Wilson · Thompson [64][93][83][84][85][94][95][96][97][98][99][100][101][102]
  • Corporal/Cpl
Dixon · Gary Weber · Gibbons · Jay T. Faraday · Johnny Moreno · Michael F. Gelesky · Rheems · Spurlock [61][103][98]
  • Specialist
Alan Rothchild [104]
  • Private first class
Dobbs · Henry Hodges [105][85]
  • Private/Pvt
Adams · Beckett · Bertram · Callow · Cesar M. Lopez · Dawkins · Elliott Tercorien · Esposito · Gabesman · Hannah de Silva · Jeffers · Joe Creigh · Lawrence Mears · Lucky · McKinney · Miller · Murnahan · Taylor · Zeleski [64][106][107][98][101][108][109][110]
  • Unnamed
Adrienn Adami · Alan Connors · Alex Keller · American grease-monkey · Angel · Camarillo · Ciello · Dallas · Darek Archibald · Devlin · Dontrelle Haines · Durney · Erin Shellman · Flaherty · Unnamed foreman · Gladys · H. Lector · Harold Callahan · Harold Frost · Jackie · Janowski · Jensen · Jonathan Corman · Kanawa · K. Kelly · Klinger · Lawrence Jackson · Leah de Silva · Leann Miller · Leila Rahmani · Leon Von Felden · Marcus Haines · Nate · Odysseus · Unnamed officer at Sanctuary Hills · Proznanski · Quartermaster · Rand · Randall Clark · Robert Anderson · Sanderson · Unnamed soldiers at Sanctuary Hills · Solomon Hardy · Solomon · Soto · Webb · Wilfred Bergman [66][111]
United States Air Force
Rank Members Ref
  • Colonel/Col
A. Vince · Hartigan · Roy Blackwell [112][113][107]
  • Capt
Johnson [114]
  • Lieutenant
Marcs [115]
  • 1st Lt
Williams [114]
  • CCMSgt
Applegate [114]
  • SMSgt
Ritchie [114]
  • Staff Sergeant/SSgt
Daniels · Hicks · Miller · Winters [114][112]
  • TSgt
Cooper · Cummings [114]
  • SrA
O'Malley [114]
US Coast Guard
Rank Members Ref
  • First officer
  • Ensign
United States Navy
Rank Members Ref
  • Admiral
Edward Grath
  • Captain
Arnold Wabash · Joyce West
US Marines
Rank Members Ref
  • Gunnery Sergeant
Benjamin Montgomery [Non-game 1]
  • SSGT
R.B. Vickers [116]
  • Unnamed
Philip Jones · Vernon Dodge
Rank Members Ref
  • General
Stafford · Swafford
  • Maj.
Darion Jones
  • Sgt.
  • Private First Class
Thomas Davis
  • Unnamed
Brenner · Buzz Babcock · Charlie · Darkwater · Lavonne · Patrick · P. Davis · Philip · "Tex" Rogers · Unnamed dead soldiers in Appalachia · Unnamed soldiers in Appalachia


  1. Ronnie Shaw: "That's just sad. General Becker used to run the Minutemen. The last real leader we ever had."
    (Ronnie Shaw's dialogue)
  2. Ronnie Shaw: "That explains all the landmines. This is, well... was, General McGann. He had your job back when I first joined up. Must have gotten trapped down here when that sea beast attacked the Castle. He did manage to keep the armory secure. I'll give him that much. Rest in peace, general. Your fight is done and the Minutemen live on. No point in getting all sentimental about something that happened 40 years ago."
    (Ronnie Shaw's dialogue)
  3. Preston Garvey: "The leader of the Minutemen has always held the rank of General. Our last leader was General Becker. After he died back in '82, nobody could agree on who should take his place. The one good thing about being the last Minuteman is there's no one to argue with me when I say you're the new General."
    (Preston Garvey's dialogue)
  4. The Sole Survivor: "What was the Quincy Massacre?"
    Preston Garvey: "I thought everyone in the Commonwealth knew about that by now. Where the Minutemen betrayed each other, and the people they were supposed to protect. I was with Colonel Hollis's group. A mercenary group called the Gunners was attacking Quincy; the people there called for the Minutemen to help. We were the only ones that came. The other groups... they just turned their backs. On us, and the folks in Quincy. Only a few of us got out alive. Colonel Hollis was dead. So I ended up in charge of the survivors. We never found a safe place to settle. One disaster after another... you saw how it ended, in Concord."
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    (Cassandra Moore's dialogue)
  47. Cut content The Courier: "How have things been since the battle?"
    Cassandra Moore: "Surprisingly good. Our forces have managed to secure the region with little resistance, and trade should soon reach an all-time high. The brass was particularly surprised by the lack of domestic threats in the area. They were prepared to spend months pacifying known troublemakers. When they found those threats absent, they turned to the man in charge of the area, but Hsu being Hsu, he denied having anything to do with it. So now the men have to answer to Brigadier General Moore, and both they and I have you to thank for it. We made a good team. I hope we can work together again in the future."
    (Cassandra Moore's dialogue)
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  1. Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition p.75: "Gunnery Sergeant Benjamin Montgomery
    Sergeant Benjamin Montgomery has been a field soldier fighting on the Anchorage front line for several tours, and he is part of the backbone of General Chase's army. He is assigned as your active party member and soon becomes a confidante, fighting along-side you during many crucial stages in the liberation of Anchorage. Montgomery is an exceptionally adept soldier and is loyal and dexterous. He uses more informal nicknames only after becoming friendly."
    (Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition Wasteland Census) Note: Calling Benjamin a soldier is incorrect, as Marines neither use nor are called by that name.