Not to be confused with military intel officer uniform.

FO76 Atomic shop logo.pngThe following is based on Atomic Shop content and is not considered canonical.
Wear your finest dress uniform for every occasion.— Atomic Shop description

The military officer uniform and military officer dress hat are a outfit set purchased from the Atomic Shop in Fallout 76.


The Military officer uniform are navy colored pants with a white shirt and a navy colored jacket over it and a black belt attached. Two white aiguillettes are looped through the left shoulder, one over the chest and the other under the left armpit, the shoes appear to be boots with white spats over them.


The two items can be purchased as an outfit set from the Atomic Shop for 1200 Atom and crafted at an armor workbench.


  • A damaged, unobtainable version of the Military officer uniform is worn by Scorched officers.


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