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Military frequency 95 is a broadcast in the Commonwealth in Fallout 4.


Prior to Reunions, military frequency AF95 will be a repeated distress signal from Scribe Haylen asking for any Brotherhood of Steel units nearby to come to the Cambridge Police Station to assist. Receiving the signal at this point starts the Fire Support quest, and listening in will mark the Cambridge Police Station on the map.

If Kellogg has been killed as part of Reunions, then the frequency will be picked up throughout the Commonwealth, consisting of a repeated message of Paladin Danse telling all inbound Brotherhood of Steel units to meet up at the Cambridge Police Station, and listening in will start the Shadow of Steel quest if Call to Arms has been completed.

Upon starting Tour of Duty, the frequency will be dead silent but will still remain online.


This is Scribe Haylen of Reconnaissance Squad Gladius to any unit in transmission range. Authorization Arx. Ferrum. Nine. Five. Our unit has sustained casualties and we're running low on supplies. We're requesting support or evac from our position at Cambridge Police Station. Automated message repeating...

Message changes post-Reunions to pre-Tour of Duty (if the player joins the Brotherhood beforehand; otherwise the quest Reveille begins):

This is Paladin Danse on frequency nine-five. All Brotherhood of Steel units are to return to the Cambridge Police Station immediately for reassignment. Repeating...


Military frequency AF95 appears only in Fallout 4.