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The military fatigues and military cap is a set of clothing that can be obtained in Fallout 4.


The military fatigues consist of a dirty set of pea-green fatigues with black boots. It provides an Agility bonus of 2 and 5 Energy Resistance. They do not take any armor slots, thus can be worn underneath a full set of armor. Unlike the army fatigues, there is no clean variant available.

By progressing through the DIA cache quests for the Railroad, given by P.A.M., Tinker Tom will unlock the ability to upgrade the defense of this piece of clothing. The amount of upgrade available depends on the level of Armorer perk.

The military cap is a lightweight piece of headwear that counts as a hat and takes up the respective armor slot, meaning it can be combined with eyewear and a mask. It resembles a black beret and offers a bonus to Perception but nothing in terms of Damage Resistance, Energy Resistance or Radiation Resistance.

The military cap cannot be upgraded with the ballistic weave armor mod.





The Military fatigues are referred to as Ronnie_Uniform_Body in the game files.