I'm a chemist. Mostly, I make primer and powder so that we can re-use the brass casings from bullets. But I also dabble with some other chemicals.

Miles is a chemist residing in Adytum in 2161.


The only individual with any sort of scientific knowledge in the Boneyard, Miles is responsible for building the water distiller for Adytum's well, and was in the process of creating a hydroponics farm for the community when the Vault Dweller first arrived.

Together with Smitty, he helps make the bullets that Tine uses to trade with the Hub merchants for Adytum's food supply. Miles' role in the process is refilling spent bullet casings with primer and powder he makes from ingredients either bought from the Hub or found and cultivated by himself.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

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Hand Loader
This character can modify weapons.
This character starts quests.



Apparel Weapon Other items
Doctor outfit Spiked knuckles Stimpak x4
Bottle cap x548


Miles appears only in Fallout.

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