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I'm a chemist. Mostly, I make primer and powder so that we can re-use the brass casings from bullets. But I also dabble with some other chemicals.

Miles is a chemist residing in Adytum in 2161.


A thin man in a white smock,[1] the unassuming Miles is one of the strategic resources of Adytum. His scientific expertise enabled the settlement to prosper.[2] Among other achievements, he is responsible for setting up a water distiller that purifies water from the town's well, manufacturing primers and gun powder,[2] as well as cultivating fungi that provide necessary raw materials for the light industry in Adytum.[3] Miles' partner in industry is Smitty. Together, they manufacture ammunition, Adytum's primary export.[4]

However, Miles is also working on expanding the industry of Adytum, to make the settlement independent of food and raw materials delivered by Hub merchants (who use Adytum’s reliance on them to their advantage in terms of pricing). His largest project are the hydroponic farms, which would allow for Adytum to become self-sufficient if they become operational.[4] He also works on obtaining strong acids for etching and permanent dyes and inks that would broaden the product line of Adytum.[5]

Interactions with the player character

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Apparel Weapon Other items
Doctor outfit Spiked knuckles Stimpak x4
Bottle cap x548


Miles appears only in Fallout.


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