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Milepost Zero is the upcoming twentieth major update for Fallout 76. It is set to release in September 2024. It was preceded by Skyline Valley.[1]

It is currently in testing on the Public Test Server as of July 5, 2024. The update will include season 18, as well as a new Blue Ridge Caravan Company quest line and a reworked version of Mischief Night.[2]


  • Season 18
  • Mischief Night reworked with a new slate of rewards
  • New Blue Ridge Caravan Company-focused quest line
  • System for upgrading and decorating the vendor-populated outpost at Milepost Zero
  • Combat rebalancing relating primarily to fire and poison damage
  • New "Best Builds" mechanic for "liking" CAMPs and featuring them
  • Changes to legendary crafting, introducing legendary particles (Public Test Server only, not guaranteed for live release)


FO76 Milepost Zero tease

Milepost Zero was first teased on June 12, 2024, following the release of the preceding Skyline Valley update. In the Bethesda Game Studios Discord, lead designer Carl McKevitt linked a video by content creator T0nik and said that an embargo had been lifted on "some FUTURE updates for the fall."[2][3]

The update will feature an "outpost" mechanic, centering on being able to upgrade and redecorate the location of Milepost Zero, which is populated by vendors. A new quest line featuring this southern branch of the Blue Ridge Caravan Company will be added, alongside a new caravan-centered event type entitled "Caravan: Skyline Drive." Additionally, the update will include a reworked version of the event Mischief Night, which was discontinued in 2019. The event was moved from the Whitespring to Rapidan Camp. A new slate of rewards was also introduced for "Mischief Night 2."

Although Milepost Zero is not named, the current community calendar states that an update and season 18 will release in September 2024, which aligns with McKevitt and T0nik's mention of Milepost Zero being a fall 2024 update.[1] It is not currently known if there will be an update in between Milepost Zero and the one that eventually implements playable ghouls in early 2025.

The Public Test Server for Milepost Zero launched on July 5, 2024, implementing changes to legendary crafting with the legendary particles system. According to Inside the Vault, these legendary crafting changes are not confirmed to be releasing with Milepost Zero, and will only be added to the live game when ready. Changes to the combat balance, a new "Best Builds" system for giving "likes" to CAMPs, and two new Daily Ops locations were also added, as well as the new Mischief Night, though the latter was temporarily disabled on the same day due to reports of crashing. The Blue Ridge caravan content will be added to the PTS later in July.[4]


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Name Dialogue file Dead Spawned Essential Doctor Merchant Form ID Ref ID Location
Windy Park




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Name Quest Editor ID Form ID
Sound Luke's holotape A Bump in the Road MILE_CaravanIntro_Holotape 007915FB


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Name Quest Editor ID Form ID
Text Milepost Zero contract MILE_Note_Contract 0079BAE3
Text Note to Theodore MILE_Note_Theo 0079BAE4
Text Special order MILE_Note_Windy_Ineke_Hanbok 0079C607
Text Surveying report MILE_Note_Axel 0079BAE5



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