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Oh... it's you. Sorry, what happened had nothing to do with you. But seeing you again kinda... brings it all back. Can't sleep at night... ya know?

Mike Tiller is a member of the Settlers in Appalachia.


Mike was meant to be helping record a weapon demonstration with the town watch,[1] ordered by Ward at the East Mountain lookout. However, he paid little attention to the demonstration, preferring to work on a terminal. When another settler asked him to get off the terminal and help with the recording, he went to lock the terminal and then grabbed a rocket launcher incorrectly, causing it to fire and kill the other four settlers.[2]

Upon realizing what he had done, he was mortified and fled to the nearby Kerwood Mine. He decided to hide out of guilt, believing that the others would view him as a murderer.[3]

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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This character can be killed.
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This character is involved in quests.

Supplying Demands


  • Supplying Demands: During this quest, it is up to the player to convince Mike to forgive himself for the incident and return to Foundation, as well as to return the rocket launchers he took to their rightful owners, or to kill him.
    • If he is spared, he mentions Ward thought it would be best if he is no longer on guard duty, so he helps out Foundation in other ways. He mentions he still has trouble sleeping at night.
    • If he is killed, the BOS weapons key can be obtained from his body. When reporting back to Gloria and Tad Chance, the player may choose to lie by claiming there was an accident with the weapons, lie by claiming Mike "went nuts" and killed everyone, or come clean about his death. This will affect the rest of the quest.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Winter jacket and jeans BOS weapons key

Notable quotes[]


Mike Tiller appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Steel Dawn update.

Behind the scenes[]

Quest designer Carl McKevitt contributed to Mike Tiller's design, with the main goal of creating a character that the player could decide to kill or not.[Non-game 1]



  1. Vault Dweller: "The Brotherhood doesn't 'make' any weaponry, nor sell them."
    Tad Chance: "Oh... Well. The stuff we got definitely has your logos on it. Some guys from the town watch took them out for testing a little earlier. I'm sure you can catch up with them, they normally practice at a small site they set up near the East Mountain Lookout, a bit North of here."
    Gloria Chance: "Oh that's right. Mike and them took the weapons out for a test drive. If you head over, I'm sure they'd let you take a look."
    (Tad and Gloria Chance's dialogue)
  2. Weapon demonstration
  3. Mike Tiller: "H-h-hold it right there. Don't come any closer!"
    Vault Dweller: "Okay, okay, let's just take a deep breath."
    Mike Tiller: "No, you don't understand. What I did, I... Oh, man... I'm Mike. Mike Tiller. Go to Foundation, tell them you found me dead. Because... I'm... I'm never leaving! I'm not going back, you can't make me! They'll never believe me... They'll think I'm a murderer!"
    (Mike Tiller's dialogue)