Mike Scholler was a man who traveled to Flatwoods in search of the Responders in 2096.


Mike previously lived in a bunker to the east, though if he was a member of a particular group like the Free States, is not made clear. Other people in the bunker got nervous about the food and water supply, and a fight broke out, causing Mike to leave them behind. After hearing the Responders camp signal, Mike came to Flatwoods on August 1, 2096, seeking to trade with the people there.[1] Realizing the Responders were long gone, Mike took most of the town's food and water supplies and left behind some armor as part of his trade. Mike stated that he was headed to an asylum and would need the supplies more than them. However, by 2096, Allegheny Asylum had been overrun by the Scorched and the Brotherhood there were eliminated, leaving his reason for going to the asylum unclear.[2]


Mike Scholler is mentioned only in Fallout 76.


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