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Miguel Caldera was a member of the Responders in Appalachia in 2102.


Prior to the Great War, Miguel was a programmer working for Vault-Tec.[1] Following the devastation, he spent his time camping in the woods, with a hacked protectron guarding him as he slept. Miguel was eventually found by the Responders and joined them as an engineer. His main reason for doing so was his fear of Scorchbeasts.[2] He eventually became responsible for training volunteers and developing programs for robots and automated kiosks to take over tasks, in addition to reprogramming robots to fulfill roles needed by the Responders' operations.

During his time with the Responders, he met a Volunteer responsible for delivering supplies named Garry Wilkins, and they entered into a close relationship.[3] Some time later, after Garry was killed following an accident in which a Scorched victim broke into the gates of the Morgantown Airport and attacked. After burying Garry on the hill to the northwest of the airport, Miguel decided to leave for his camp the woods, taking his Mr. Fluffy with him. His last check in with the Responders was at Morgantown Airport on 15 June 2096.[4]

By the time the player character finds him in 2102, he lies dead in his camp next to his destroyed tent. Mr. Fluffy questions his body as to why he didn't follow his own advice about building walls and turrets and why he decided to cook Delbert's chili, with an aroma that the robot states could be detected clear from the airport tarmac, against Mr. Fluffy's advice. This was deliberate decision, mirroring the way that he claimed he wanted to die - not in an office, but with "a pot of Delbert's chili, in the woods, and under the beautiful stars."[5]


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Miguel Caldera appears only in Fallout 76.


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