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We can't talk out in the open like this. Meet me in my house as soon as you can. We'll talk there.Midea

Midea's quarters is a location in The Pitt in 2277. It is the small home of Midea, and will also be inhabited by Marie if she is kidnapped.



Midea's quarters are off of a small open square at the end of an alley. They are across from the area where Kai serves slop. Directly outside Midea's door is a table with a Nuka-Cola on it. To the left is a small area with a usable bed. There are two more usable beds across the square, in the room next to Kai.


It has everything that Midea would need to live. The bed is unowned and may be used by the Lone Wanderer. Notably, there are various food items in her home. Her house also has a filing cabinet with nothing inside that may be used for safe storage during one's time at the Pitt.

Related quests


Marie can be found here after the completion of the Free Labor quest should the Lone Wanderer choose to side with Wernher.


Midea's quarters only appear in the Fallout 3 add-on The Pitt.