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Middle Mountain Lake[1] is an unmarked location in Appalachia.


Located in the Savage Divide region on a plateau north of the Middle Mountain Cabins, this is one of 36 places where the effect of memory blackout due to Nukashine can transfer.

A picturesque shallow lake on a mountain plateau once became a resting place for two fishermen. At least one of them was a fisherman, and the other was a ranger, judging by the clothes they left behind: a fisherman's outfit and a ranger's outfit. Total bitelessness and drunk beer made them look for new adventures, which ended tragically for them. The skeletons of these would-be fishermen now serve as a reminder that alcohol and water are incompatible.

With the return of the people to Appalachia, the tent on the opposite bank was staked out by the scavengers. You can always find a bottle of Nukashine in the tent itself.


Middle Mountain Lake appears only in Fallout 76.



  1. Atlas of Appalachia – Savage Divide: Zone C: 114. Middle Mountain Lake. "A lake with two deck chairs; the pair of fishing folk went skinny-dipping headfirst into the rocks farther along the lake shore."