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The Middle Mountain Cabins terminal entries are a series of entries found on terminals in Middle Mountain Cabins in Fallout 76.

Manager's terminal

FO76 Middle Mountain Cabins (Manager's Terminal).jpg

Note: This desk terminal is located on a desk in the northeastern cabin.

Middle Mountains Cabins - Manager

Remember: Service With A Smile!

Maintenance Log 091576

We've finally had a weekend where no guests are booked into the hunting cabins, so I've spent the day getting them all ready for winter. Luckily, they didn't need too much work - just a bit of waterproofing and making sure there's plenty of firewood at the ready.

I've sent George into town to pick up food for his silly "welcome baskets." I don't know why he keeps insisting on giving these away. I have yet to meet a hunter with a pressing need for three types of flavored honey and a dresser sachet.

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Maintenance Log 102076

Had an early snowfall last night, so George and I broke out the shovels and dug paths to the road and the outhouse. Despite the weather, it looks like plenty of deer and elk are roaming the area, so our guests should have an excellent day hunting.

I'm not sure what keeps this area so well stocked with the animals, but we're pleased we picked the right spot when we built Middle Mountain. Going to head out to Cabin C and fix a broken glass pane. I wish our guests would be more careful, but that's the way it goes.

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Maintenance Log 021577

This could be the first year we've booked all three cabins solid through February and March. I'm starting to guess that as things get worse overseas, people want to get away from it all and forget their worries.

Most of the hunters we're getting lately are looking to spend time outdoors and away from the real world. In fact, I've recently had George remove the radios from the cabins after getting complaints that guests playing music are disrupting the serenity of the place.

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Maintenance Log 062777

With the unrest overseas starting to come to a head, George and I have discussed shuttering the cabins to guests and moving up here permanently. These cabins are secluded enough to make an excellent retreat in case things go south and our homeland gets invaded by Commies.

For the time being, I think we'll keep Middle Mountain running normally, but maybe we'll start stockpiling some supplies around here. Just in case.

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Maintenance Log 103077

It's been a few days - or maybe a week since the damn Commies attacked our great country. I thought we'd be safe up here at the cabins, but I think the radiation from the nearby bomb strikes has moved through our neck of the woods.

First it was just some of the dead deer we found in the woods nearby, but now it seems to have affected George and I. We had some doses of anti-radiation medicine, but I don't think it's enough. George is too sick to travel, but I've decided to hunt for supplies.

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Maintenance Log 110277

I came back from my scavenging trip to find George dead and all the supplies I stockpiled gone.

The few things that I gathered on my hunt won't even last me a week up here. After I bury George, I think I'll move on and see what I can find in Huntersville or Charleston. This will be my last entry - if anyone finds this message, feel free to use these cabins as shelter. Just remember to say a quick prayer for the folks like poor George who died thanks to this new hell on earth.

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Pioneer Scout terminal

FO76 Middle Mountain Cabins (Pioneer Scout Terminal).jpg

Note: This desk terminal is located in the southern cabin, between two bunk beds. The entries rotate daily.

Pioneer Scout Calendar
Welcome, Scout!

Note: This entry is displayed on Thursdays.

Today's event: Conservation Day!


Expedition Leader: Unknown
Lead Scout: Pompy

Participating Crews:
Harper's Ferry Crew #303
Harper's Ferry Crew #328
Harper's Ferry Crew #388

Note: This entry is displayed on Mondays.

Today's Event: Fishing Contest!


The regular Fishing Contest has been canceled due to an Emergency Alert issued by the Marshall.

Note: This entry is displayed on Tuesdays.

Today's Event: Pie-Eating Contest!


The regular Pie-Eating Contest has been canceled due to an Emergency Alert issued by the Marshall.

Note: This entry is displayed on Wednesdays.

Today's Event: Charity River Run!


The regular Charity River Run has been canceled due to an Emergency Alert issued by the Marshall.

Note: This entry is displayed on Fridays.

Today's Event: Dog Show!


The regular Dog Show has been canceled due to an Emergency Alert issued by the Marshall.

Note: This entry is displayed on Saturdays.

Today's Event: Costume Contest!


The regular Costume Contest has been canceled due to an Emergency Alert issued by the Marshall.

Note: This entry is displayed on Sundays.

Today's Event: Canned Goods Collection!


The regular Canned Goods Collection has been canceled due to an Emergency Alert issued by the Marshall.

View Calendar

Fishing Contest: CANCELED
Pie-Eating Contest: CANCELED
Charity River Run: CANCELED
Car Washing for Charity: CANCELED
Conservation Day: CANCELED
Costume Contest: CANCELED
Canned Goods Collection: CANCELED

Marshall's Newsletters

Archived Newsletters are sent out to every Scout at the end of every month. Only the most recent year will be archived at this terminal. For additional archives, visit the Pioneer Scout library terminals.

Newsletter: Jan 2077

You all know how important Conservation Day is. We all know how lovely it is to sit down to a big birthday deer roast, or have a steaming bowl of fish stew in the winter. So we need to make sure our deer are as healthy as possible, because that makes us healthy, too.

Please make sure your Crews sign up for Conservation Day, for West Virginia today and tomorrow.

Ever Upwards!
-Marshall Cassidy

Newsletter: Feb 2077

Some of you may have noticed that we've added robots to the Lake Lodge picnic area. They are designed to fully embrace the Pioneer Scout way of life, and to encourage and support young Scouts.

Right now they will be considered "Scout Guides" in terms of their structure, which is like an honorary member of the organization. We'll see how it goes.

Ever Upwards!
-Marshall Cassidy

Newsletter: Mar 2077

As most of you are aware, we nearly lost a great Lead Scout this month. While on an expedition with his Crew, Ricky Stevens was attacked by an unusually aggressive bear. Thankfully, Scout Guide Pompy was nearby and promptly destroyed the deranged beast.

Ricky will be in the hospital in Charleston for quite a while, so we'll have an election this month to fill his position temporarily.

Ever Upwards!
-Marshall Cassidy

Newsletter: Apr 2077

Sometimes it's best to ignore real politics and focus on politics that we can actually influence! Don't forget to vote for the next Lead Scout. Votes are due on the 20th.

- Betsy "Bee Sting" Lewis, Pioneer Scout of 12 years
- Garry "the Dragon" Wilkins, Pioneer Scout of 7 years
- Pompy, the Mr. Handy

Ever Upwards!
-Marshall Cassidy

Newsletter: May 2077

Remember Scouts, we are the embodiment of exploration -- the spirit of America. Exploration is not only physical, it's social too. It is our goal to embrace everyone, and yes, that absolutely includes robots. One day when we're all long gone, these robots will still be functional and they will carry our memories and spirit into the great future.

It is with great pride that I announce our newest Lead Scout -- Pompy!

Ever Upwards!
-Marshall Cassidy

Newsletter: Jun 2077

Scouts, the usual fishing contest is going to be canceled this summer due to some disturbances in the water quality. We are discussing having an impromptu Conservation Day instead.

Ever Upwards!
-Mashall Cassidy

Newsletter: Jul 2077

Since Lead Scout Pompy has been such a success, we are adding several other robots to the Pioneer Scouts. They will serve primarily to protect Scouts and organize activities since most of the non-robot staff is currently participating in political organizations and movements right now.

Ever Upwards!
-Marshall Cassidy

Newsletter: Aug 2077

Scouts, if you ever need help, you can always turn to one of our robot Scouts. We have several in different ranks now, in order to fill out missing positions.

We're also organizing a safety seminar on the 17th that will instruct you on the proper care and handling of firearms and food preservation.

Ever Upwards!
-Marshall Cassidy

Newsletter: Sep 2077

Scouts, after the incidents in Clarksburg we have decided to discontinue some of the events on our calendar this year. Some events will remain in the hands of automated robots for now, until things are different.

At times like this, we need to remember that the Scouts represent more than just fun wilderness adventures. When we say "Ever Upwards!" we are committing ourselves to ever improving our skills as humans to be compassionate, to survive, to explore.

Never forget that as a Scout, you are the embodiment of the American spirit.

Ever Upwards!
-Marshall Cassidy

Pioneer Scout Advice

Note: These Fun Facts rotate every 5 seconds.

Fun Fact #1!

Since the inception of HELP, -2147483648 Scouts have become seriously injured in Appalachia. Help keep that number as low as possible!

Fun Fact #2!

Our newest Wildlife Conservation program, "Care about our Bears!", has been a great success for our state. We introduced four full grown breeding pairs of bears to the wilderness areas.

While that won't be enough to produce a fully genetically diverse population, we hope to bring in several more breeding pairs in the near future!

Fun Fact #3!

Acid rain is a byproduct of mining, and it causes our groundwater to become undrinkable for humans and for animals.

Vault-Tec University has stepped in to help us monitor the groundwater in our state to make sure you and your prey are always drinking the freshest spring waters!

Fun Fact #4!

The lowest recorded temperature is -70 degrees Fahrenheit, and the highest recorded temperature in beautiful Appalachia is 540,032 degrees Fahrenheit! Take that, California!

Fun Fact #5!

Remember: If you need it dead, shoot it in the head!

Fun Fact #6!

Carrying a weapon that weighs more than 25% of your body weight is bad for your back. Kids should restrict themselves to weapons that are 10% of their body weight - they're still growing, and their muscles are still developing.

Fun Fact #7!

Don't modify a weapon just because it's functional - modifications say something about who you are as a Scout. Make a statement!

Fun Fact #8!

If your parents are too intoxicated to aim properly, don't make fun of them! Remind them to use V.A.T.S. That's what it's there for!

Fun Fact #9!

If you ever suspect you're being followed in the wilderness, you probably are. Go with your guts. Shoot first, wonder why later. Stay safe, kids!

Fun Fact #10!

If your ammo gets wet, put them in a bag of rice overnight.

Fun Fact #11!

Guns mounted on dog companions, while popular and useful, cause hip problems for many breeds of canines. Cats do not seem to have the same problems, but they work better with melee weapons.

Fun Fact #12!

When joining a Pioneer Scout hunting team, be prepared to hear: Ammo, Camo, or Cramo. This is a traditional requesstIn-game spelling to know whether you can craft ammunition, camouflage or armored gear, or just regular foodstuffs.

They need to know what YOU can contribute to the team! Tell them!


Pompy was previously referred to as a Protectron in the terminal entries, though this was changed to "Mr. Handy" in an unknown update.[verification needed] Several other references to Protectrons were changed to a generic "robot."