Mick Flanagan was the leader of a group of disgruntled ex-miners in Appalachia before the Great War.


After several employees were laid off by Hornwright Industrial to make room for their automation efforts,[1] Mick worked with O'Conner and Fletcher at The Rusty Pick to lead the organization of protest groups.[2] O'Conner's group went to Watoga to protest Atomic Mining Services, but as time went on, the protests became more and more violent, eventually culminating in a shootout in Welch.[3] Fletcher's group went to Charleston to protest at the Hornwright Industrial Headquarters. However, they were all arrested for trespassing when the protests moved to mine shaft Elaine[4] because the property line for the mine had suddenly moved one hundred feet outwards overnight.

Now that Fletcher and his men had been "canned," Mick swore to get revenge, and that they would play dirty if Hornwright was willing to do so.[5] In response to these incidents, Mick and his men stole blasting explosives and destroyed several Mega Mansions with the bombs on October 3, 2077, killing two and wounding several people.[6][7]


Mick Flanagan is mentioned only in Fallout 76.


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