Michael Tournquist was the oldest son of Wayne Tournquist and Bonnie Tournquist. He is mentioned in his mother's holotape and in his father's terminal logs.


Michael and his brother David were students at Malden Middle School. On October 23rd 2077, as instructed by their father beforehand, Michael got his brother away from their teachers and hid while the other students and teachers were heading to a vault. They remained at the school until their father came and took them home, where they all hid in the family's backyard bunker. There they hid until late January 2078 when their father along with Lance and Leon Ames and their family, began fortifying the neighborhood. As of April 2078, things were going relatively well until raiders or desperate survivors attacked the neighborhood and forced Wayne, Michael and David to flee.[1]


Michael Tournquist is mentioned only in Fallout 4.


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