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You saw our front sign, didn't you? This is where all the beautiful signs of the Strip become a reality.Kate

Michael Angelo's Sign Shop[2] (simply known as Michael Angelo's workshop in-game) is a location in the westernmost section of the New Vegas Strip.


Michael Angelo's sign shop is a former H&H Tools facility that has been converted into a billboard and neon sign studio/factory located across from the NCR Embassy. Sheldon Weintraub (better known as Michael Angelo), relocated here from Vault 21 and uses the shop to design and construct signage projects under the patronage of Robert House.[3]

Throughout the facility, one can find piles of broken signage and placards, that were acquired by Michael and his staff, including Kate and his other assistant to scavenge raw materials and parts used in the construction of new neon signs for the Strip.


The workshop consists of two floors. The bottom floor contains Michael's bedroom and kitchen, the design room, the work floor, and conveyor belts. The top floor is a simple walkway overlooking most of the sign production in the workshop.

Notable loot

Related quests

  • Classic Inspiration: The artist behind the signs is running out of inspiration in his dark and dusty workshop, but at the same time is afraid to experience the outside world in person, due to a large portion of his life being spent in Vault 21. Michael Angelo asks the Courier to travel throughout the wasteland and capture photos of iconic signs that will motivate and inspire him in his own work.


  • There is a usable electrical switch inside the workshop that turns the lights behind it on and off.
  • In the back room where Michael Angelo sleeps and works, the wall with the picture frames has a picture of Tenpenny Tower from Fallout 3. In the foreground is a man wearing a Regulator duster.


Michael Angelo's workshop appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes

Michael Angelo's workshop resembles the real world Neon Museum, also known as the Neon Boneyard, an outdoor exhibition space that houses and preserves iconic Las Vegas signs from the past in Las Vegas, Nevada.



  1. Sign seen inside
  2. Sign outside the factory
  3. Placard in the lobby and four signs throughout the workshop