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This is a transcript for dialogue with Michael Hawthorne.


GREETING GREETING Surprise 100 Don't suppose you'll let me finish this drink before killing me? Hmm? {there is a full scale massacre going on, and he is drinking pretending it isn't happening.} 1
GREETING Surprise 100 It's hard to drink with all that screaming. {there is a full scale massacre going on, and he is drinking pretending it isn't happening.} 2
GREETING Anger 100 Okay fine! Quit pestering me. I know I'm going to bloody die, and I want to do it with a bloody, Bloody Mary in my hand. Is that alright with you? {(bloody as in the British swear) there is a full scale massacre going on, and he is drinking pretending it isn't happening.} 3
GREETING Anger 100 I'm busy drinking. {there is a full scale massacre going on, and he is drinking pretending it isn't happening.} 4
GREETING Disgust 50 I'm Michael Hawthorne. Who are you? And more importantly, should I care? {snobby self important alcoholic} 5
GREETING Surprise 100 Hey... you're the one that got rid of those Ghouls. Or was that someone else...? No, it WAS you! {high class alcoholic} 6
GREETING Surprise 100 Hey... you're the one with the Ghoul friends... well I guess they're our friends now, too. {high class alcoholic} 7
GREETING Surprise 100 Hey... I know you! Cheers! {high class alcoholic} 8
GREETING Neutral 50 I know you. You're that guy. You know, the one that...whatever. {His voice trails off as if he's lost his train of thought.} 9
GREETING Neutral 50 I know you. You're that girl. You know, the one that...whatever. {His voice trails off as if he's lost his train of thought.} 10
MS12Basement I don't suppose you know anything about the basement? And some tunnels? Surprise 50 Tunnels in the basement? No can't say that I do. {high class alcoholic struggling to remember something} 11
Happy 100 Hold it! I do remember something about a bunch of escape tunnels in case of disaster or something. Or something about generators for power... {high class alcoholic finally remembering something} 12
Surprise 25 You should talk to that old guy... you know, the famous one with the radio show about him... You know, What's-His-Name! {high class alcoholic struggling to remember something} 13
Neutral 50 Daring! Daring Dashwood! That's him. He's explored this whole place from top to bottom. Ask him about those tunnels. He'd know. {high class alcoholic finally remembering something} 14
MS12FinResidents What's it like living at Tenpenny Tower? Happy 100 It's clean and safe since those Ghouls left and Tenpenny knows how to stock the lounge with the good stuff. Stop by. Share a drink! {high class alcoholic} 15
What's it like living at Tenpenny Tower? Happy 100 It's swell. Those new neighbors of ours like to drink almost as much as I do… and boy, do they have some real good stories! {high class alcoholic} 16
MS12Greeting1 I'm nobody in particular. But I'm sure you'll soon come to like me. Happy 100 Oh, fine. We'll have to share a drink sometime. I'm always in the Federalist Lounge. There's certainly plenty to drink about. {snobby self important alcoholic} 17
Neutral 50 Take those Ghouls for example... {train of thought escaping him} 18
Happy 100 Don't suppose you know anything about dealing with their kind, do you? {high class alcoholic stumbling upon a great idea} 19
MS12Greeting2 I'm your worst nightmare. Neutral 50 Well, then you'll excuse me if I don't invite you to share a drink? {snobby self important alcoholic brushing off a put down} 20
Disgust 50 Really, you're as much fun as a couple of Ghouls... They're trying to get in here you know. Don't suppose you've ever had to deal with Ghouls before? {an annoyed high class alcoholic} 21
MS12Greeting3 <Say nothing.> Surprise 100 I'm glad to meet someone who doesn't want to talk my ear off. We should get a drink together. I hate when people talk while I'm drinking. Don't you? {snobby self important alcoholic} 22
Neutral 50 And there's plenty to drink about, er talk about, isn't there? Everyone's always prattling on about the Ghouls this, and the Ghouls that. {high class alcoholic absentmindedly slipping into a rant} 23
Disgust 50 Frankly I'm getting fed up with all this Ghoul talk... How about you? You know much about Ghouls? {high class alcoholic finishing up a rambling story} 24
MS12IntroToGhoul1 You could say I'm an expert when it comes to dealing with Ghouls. Surprise 75 Really? Fantastic! You can give that Gustavo a lesson or two! {happy to have a hero and frustrated at person who isn't fixing the problem} 25
MS12IntroToGhoul2 Let's just say I never met a Ghoul I liked. Sad 50 They do seem a bit anti-social don't they? {high class alcoholic concurring with a drinking buddy} 26
Surprise 100 Though perhaps if we got them good and liquored up... {high class alcoholic posing a hypothetical way to calm the enemy, then losing his train of thought} 27
MS12IntroToGhoul3 Look, I know enough about Ghouls not to hate them. Neutral 50 Oh. I see. Well. I've never met one, so I wouldn't know. I just always thought... I guess I really don't know what I thought... {high class alcoholic coming to terms with his bigotry, and losing his train of thought} 28
MS12ResidentsBranch What's it like living at Tenpenny Tower? Happy 50 Well it's a great place to live... IF you don't mind GHOULS breathing down your neck. {(emphasize IF and GHOULS) high class alcoholic muttering under his breath} 29
About these Ghouls...
I don't suppose you know much about those Ghouls? Fear 50 We haven't discussed this already? Apparently there's a pack of zombies living in the tunnels. Gustavo says he has it under control. {high class alcoholic} 30
Happy 100 On the bright side, it's given me another reason to hit the drink! {high class alcoholic making a joke.} 31
I might be able to help deal with the problem. Happy 100 Yeah? Talk to Gustavo. He may wish to employ your assistance. {surprised but happy someone is taking charge} 32
You ever wonder if maybe you drink too much? Disgust 100 Look around... what else is there to do? {self important indignation} 33
Cheers. Disgust 10 We shall simply have to ignore them until they bugger off. {(resigned) self important snob} 34
MS12ResidentsNeighbors How would you feel about having a few Ghoul neighbors? Surprise 75 I know you've been talking to the others about the Ghouls... and I've been mulling the whole thing over a few cocktails... well more than a few... {hesitant but sincere} 35
Happy 75 And I've decided that I'd be willing to give it a go. Having Ghoul neighbors, I mean. {hesistant but sincere} 36
How would you feel about having a few Ghoul neighbors? Disgust 50 You've heard the stories I'm sure. About the mindless ones eating brains and the like. Well, I'm not sure I'm comfortable with all that. {high class alcoholic} 37
How would you feel about having a few Ghoul neighbors? Surprise 75 Oh what the hell? It's not like anything interesting happens around here anyway. {agreeing hesistantly but sincere} 38
MS12ResidentsNeighborsBad It's wise to be afraid of Ghouls. They'll kill you when you aren't looking. Neutral 50 So I've heard. I have to wonder though, if they are all mindless killing machines, why do some of them want to be treated like humans so badly? {snob losing prejudice} 39
MS12ResidentsNeighborsGood I've met these Ghouls. They're civilized and pose no threat. Surprise 50 Really? Well... As long as they don't bother me... I guess, I really don't care. {letting go of prejudice} 40
MS12ResidentsNeighborsGoodPetition Would you tell Mister Tenpenny that you wouldn't mind Ghoul neighbors? Surprise 50 What the hell? Sure. 41
MS12ResidentsNeighborsNeutral Perhaps. Surprise 50 You're the one that asked the question. If you don't mind, I'd like to get another drink. {high class alcoholic} 42


DialogueTenpennyConv00 DialogueTenpennyConv00 Surprise 75 Oh that? It was nothing. A one time indiscretion, I assure you. Won't happen again, ol' chap. Scouts honor and all that. Care for a drink? {a high class drunk dismissing mention of a disturbance he cause either} 43
DialogueTenpennyConv00 Happy 50 What? Very funny old man! Well, I hear she's also running low on dried up old raisins, you cheeky bastard! Leave a gent to his drink already! {confused, then gets the joke made at his expense, and returns a joke back at his friend} 44
DialogueTenpennyConv00 Happy 100 Indeed! I'll drink to that! {getting a bit tipsy} 45
DialogueTenpennyConv00 Happy 100 Amen. I'll drink to that sister. Cheers! {toasting} 46
DialogueTenpennyConv00 Sad 25 Why do you think I spend so much time getting smashed in the lounge? {commiserating} 47
DialogueTenpennyConv00 Surprise 50 Indeed, Mrs. Cheng. Indeed! Sometimes it helps wash away a lot more than just one day. {commiserating and praising the virtues of alcohol} 48
DialogueTenpennyConv01 DialogueTenpennyConv01 Surprise 75 What? Oh right. Hah! That's a good one, Daring. I'm fine really. I've been drinking since I was a toddler. I can hold my liquor. What's new with you? {confused, then gets the joke. "Daring" is the nickname of his friend} 49
DialogueTenpennyConv01 Happy 100 My secret to what? Oh right. The ladies. Always start off with a few drinks to loosen up, then move onto the hard liquor to get the party rolling! {high class alcoholic giving advice to a loser} 50
DialogueTenpennyConv01 Happy 75 Indeed! And at the beginning of a long day! Though, I prefer the stiffer stuff myself. So how're you holding up these days? How's that shop of yours? {discussing the virtues of alcohol with a friend} 51
DialogueTenpennyConv01 Happy 75 I wouldn't pay you so much to hang out with me if I thought you were ugly! I'm just kidding. Stop fishing for compliments. You know you're beautiful. {joking with a friend who just asked "do you think I'm pretty?"} 52
DialogueTenpennyConv01 Sad 50 Just goes to show you: It's always darker on the other side of the fence. {commiserating with a friend} 53
DialogueTenpennyConv02 DialogueTenpennyConv02 Happy 50 Indeed! I'll drink to that! Cheers! {making a toast} 54
DialogueTenpennyConv02 Happy 50 Nah! Drown the buggars! {exuberantly} 55
DialogueTenpennyConv02 Happy 50 Huh... sure. I'll drink to that Comrade! {confused, but then making a toast} 56
DialogueTenpennyConv02 Happy 100 I always have my happy face on! I mean, just look at it! Are you looking? See how happy it is! The key, you see, is not to give a damn about anything {a bit drunk} 57
DialogueTenpennyConv02 Surprise 50 Oh, I see. {confused} 58
DialogueTenpennyConv02 Happy 50 That's the spirit! {encouraging} 59
DialogueTenpennyEatStartTopic DialogueTenpennyEatStartTopic Neutral 50 My stomach is growling at me. {hungry and on his way to get food} 60
DialogueTenpennySleepStartTopic DialogueTenpennySleepStartTopic Neutral 50 Well. I better go pass out for a while. {tired and heading off to bed} 61
DialogueTenpennySusanSleepWithStartTopic DialogueTenpennySusanSleepWithStartTopic Surprise 50 I'm umm... I'm going to go stretch my legs for awhile. Take a little walk around the tower to loosen up my nerves a little. {covering for his sneaking out to be with his mistress} 62
GOODBYE I have to go now. Neutral 50 Right on! {high class alcoholic} 63
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Cheers! {high class alcoholic} 64
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Oh... you're leaving now? Okay. Bye-bye. {(confused) high class alcoholic} 65
HELLO HELLO Surprise 50 Daring! What the bloody hell are you up to this time? {confused and slightly suspicious} 66
HELLO Surprise 50 Daring! What the bloody hell are you up to this time? {confused and slightly suspicious} 67
HELLO Surprise 50 Hey! I know you! Care to share a drink? {tipsy and asking the security chief to share a drink} 68
HELLO Surprise 100 Gustavo, pal. You need to lighten up a bit. Relax. Have some fun, right? Right. Life's too short for all that grumpiness. {drunk and telling a strict security chief to lighten up} 69
HELLO Surprise 50 Daring... why do they call you that? Why not "Dash" or "Wood," or "Herb" for godsakes. I mean, that'd make more sense, wouldn't it? {(slightly sloshed) confused about the origins of his friends nick name } 70
HELLO Surprise 50 Daring. I've been meaning to ask. Was it hard to do all those adventures with the radio crew tagging along? I mean, it must have been distracting. {drinking a little too much and a little confused} 71
HELLO Surprise 50 Hey... Cheng. Why the hell do you call everyone "Comrade" all the time? {a bit drunk} 72
HELLO Happy 50 Comrade. Come share a drink. 73
HELLO Happy 50 Lydia! I've missed you! Come share a wee drinky with me. How was your day dear? {glad to see his friend} 74
HELLO Happy 50 I'm glad you're here. You're the only one that understands me. The rest, I think they are secretly laughing at me all the time. But not you. {drunk and pouring his heart out} 75
HELLO Surprise 50 Susan. Why are you always so kind to me? {a bit drunk} 76
HELLO Happy 50 I like spending time with you Susan. {drunk and love struck} 77
HELLO Happy 50 Mrs. Cheng. Take a load off, enjoy a glass of wine. Relax. You're so high strung, woman! {inviting a friend to hang out} 78
HELLO Happy 50 Nothing like a fine glass of bubbly to make all things right with the world, eh Mrs. Cheng? {trying to cheer up a friend} 79