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Metro Junction is part of the Metro system under the Capital Wasteland. It connects Dupont Circle, Dupont Northeast, Vernon Square, Vernon Square North and Chevy Chase together.


This metro area was once used by raiders and is now over run by feral ghouls. Upon entering most of the raiders will be found dead with sign of a struggle evident.


The raiders that once occupied these tunnels have been completely overrun by the feral ghouls that now dwell here.

Notable loot

  • Grognak the Barbarian on a table sitting on some rubble to the east of the hallway leading to the Vernon Square North exit. Height-wise, it's halfway down to the platform, directly next to the concrete bench; a board leads over the railing from the upper level, and there is a table with a lamp on it. You have to jump down onto the rubble to get to the table. If the book is not on the table, look at the very bottom of the rubble on the floor.


Metro Junction appears only in Fallout 3.

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