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Method to the Madness is a quest in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content "Fantasy Hero Set".

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Once you make your way to Hubris Comics, you'll find your first clue on the top floor across from the mannequin wearing the Silver Shroud costume, in the form of the Director's notes holotape on the desk.

The holotape records the antics of a method actor who got too deep into his role of Battlemage, up to the point of claiming to be able to levitate. He went on to demonstrate his abilities, boasting that he would float over to the building across the street. A ladder in the corner of the room gives access to the rooftop where you can continue your investigation.

You'll find a couple of other notes describing the actor on the roof, as well as the "Golem" he spoke of--a sculpture on the side of a building. It's quite the jump to the roof unless you've got power armor with a jet pack upgrade. If not, just hop down, continue into the alley in front of you, and head to the back of the green patio to your right.

There are two doors there, one of which needs a key, and one that leads into Shenley's Oyster Bar. Enter the bar and work your way to the top. Once you reach the roof, climb up some wooden stairs, then some wooden boxes and you'll find a duffle bag containing the key to Dave's "throne room". Head back down to that locked door, and you'll find the steel sword and iron helmet on Dave's corpse.

Quest stages[edit | edit source]

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
10 Investigate Hubris ComicsIn Pre-War times, I recall hearing a news story about an actor who nearly killed someone on the set of Hubris Comics. Perhaps he left something behind that may be of some use.
1 Read the Director's holotape
20 Check the Hubris Comics rooftop for cluesAccording to the holotape I found at Hubris Comics, a method actor brought an authentic weapon and armor set to the studio. After hearing he was fired, the actor then fled to the roof and leapt to another building, taking the set with him. The holotape mentions the building he escaped to is guarded by metal golems. I'll need to go to the roof and study the surrounding architecture to pick up his trail.
30 Find a way to the ledgeI've found a note that implies the actor leapt from the rooftop to a nearby building with metal sculptures attached to the walls. From there he climbed a ladder to a separate ledge where he placed something in a duffle bag. If I can somehow reach the bag, I may discover another clue as to the actor's whereabouts.
40 Enter Dave's throne roomI've reached the ledge and found a duffle bag that contained a note and a key to a throne room. If I can find the throne room, I can find out what happened to the actor.

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