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For an overview of metal armor variants in all games, see metal armor.

Polished metal plates, finely crafted into a suit of armor.— Fallout 2 In-game description

Metal armor Mk II is a superior version of the regular metal armor.


Metal armor serves as one of the two early-to-mid-game armors in Fallout and Fallout 2, along with leather armor. Metal armor has a higher amount of Damage Resistance and Damage Threshold bonuses but leather has a higher armor class. This means that the character is less likely to be hit while wearing leather armor, but they will take less damage if they get hit in metal armor. Metal armor is also very heavy for the relatively low amount of protection it provides. Notably, metal armor, including the Mk II variant, has a very high laser resistance, which is only surpassed by T-51b power armor, advanced power armor, advanced power armor Mk II, and Tesla armor.

Specifically, metal armor Mk II serves as a straight upgrade to original metal armor, as it has better armor values for the same weight. In particular, it has improved armor class and damage resistances in all categories (except EMP damage, where both versions have the same resistance), as well as increased damage thresholds against laser and electrical damage. The Mk II suit also has a much higher value, costing nearly twice as much as the standard suit of metal armor.


  • Barterable from Randal in Vault City and from Duppo in NCR Downtown.
  • Sold by Eldridge in New Reno Arms.
  • Worn by Mason in the Salvatore's Bar in New Reno. It can be taken from his corpse by leaving the New Reno location and waiting a few days before returning to his corpse's location.
  • On the main level (automap - Mine Level 2) of Great wanamingo mine in Redding. It is in the northwest part with the elevator, at the end of a rubbled tunnel (automap - tunnel to the right from the tunnel with elevator), well hidden under damaged wooden crate and rocks.