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For an overview of metal armor variants in all games, see metal armor.

The metal armor and matching metal helmet is a piece of armor in Fallout 3.


A craft metal armor created from a variety of scrap pieces put on a black leather armor. The metal helmet is similar in shape to a motorcycle helmet, though with a dirty silver color instead of white, as well as no neck wrap or goggles for males, and for females, the helmet is made of rusted metal and is open faced, similar in shape to combat helmets (although it still muffles the user's voice while worn). The shoulder plates have metal spikes welded onto them.


Icon cut contentThe following is based on Fallout 3 cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
  • Apocalypse gladiator armor - Apocalypse gladiator armor and apocalypse gladiator helmet are an armor set cut from Fallout 3. They are identical with metal armor and metal helmet in terms of looks and stats except for an increased durability (75 instead of 50 item HP for the helmet and 1200 instead of 500 for the armor).
Icon cut contentEnd of information based on Fallout 3 cut content.


Image Name DR Weight Health Effects Value Limit Base ID
Metal armor Apocalypse gladiator armor Icon cut 36 30 1200 -1 AGL 460 000cb5f6
Metal armor Gamma shield armor Gametitle-FO3 TP 36 45 750 -1 AGL, +15 Radiation Resistance 520 4 xx009383
Metal armor Metal armor 36 30 500 -1 AGL 460 0003307f
SamuraiArmor Samurai armor Gametitle-FO3 MZ 30 20 500 +10 Melee Damage, +10 Melee Weapons 1000 1 xx006940
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