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Polished metal plates, crudely forming a suit of armor.

Metal armor is a suit of armor in Fallout and Fallout 2. A superior version of this armor exists in Fallout 2.


Metal armor serves as one of the two early-to-mid-game armors in Fallout and Fallout 2, along with leather armor. Metal armor has a higher amount of Damage Resistance and Damage Threshold bonuses but leather has a higher Armor Class. This means that the character is less likely to be hit while wearing leather armor, but they will take less damage if they get hit in metal armor. Metal armor is also very heavy for the relatively low amount of protection it provides. Metal armor, including the Mk II variant, has a very high laser resistance, which is only surpassed by T-51b power armor, advanced power armor, advanced power armor Mk II, and Tesla armor. In Fallout, it is possible to get this armor almost from the beginning by killing Garl, the leader of the Khans.



  • Garl, leader of the Khan raiders near Shady Sands, wears a set.
  • In Junktown, Gizmo's silent bodyguard Izo in his casino, has one.
  • A gambler by a slot machine also wears a set. With a companion, it is possible to purposely get caught pickpocketing him into hostility, then allowing the companion to take the kill. This will not provoke the guards (but may make other gamblers attack). It must be looted before completing the quest to take out Gizmo for Killian. The gambler and everyone else in the casino will be gone after killing Gizmo.
  • Beth in the Hub sells some.
  • Accepting the quest from Irwin in the Hub to clear his farm of raiders, a set can be found on the farm. The map cannot be revisited, so there is only one opportunity to grab the armor.
  • The Regulators in the Boneyard wear sets of such armor, that need to be looted.

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