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The Metal Dome is a location in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia. It is situated north of Fort Atlas.


The Metal Dome was created by a gang of Blood Eagles, calling themselves the Rust Eagles, led by Buzzsaw, after salvaging nearby structures.[1] Initiate Pappas explains to the Vault Dwellers that the inhabitants test all their battle bots at the location.[2] Pappas' intends to participate in combat in order to learn more and report back to Scribe Odessa Valdez.[2]


The entire location is comprised of makeshift walkways, robot detritus, and construction equipment surrounding a battle arena. Viewing booths are dotted along its perimeter, and a throne overlooking the arena is surrounded by flamethrowers. Several train cars have been converted into workshops.

Notable loot

  • Care to test your metal? - Note, on a yellow diagnostics cart on the southern side of the location, near the broken robobrain display.
  • Killbot inventory list - Note, on a table in the metal hut on the second level.
  • Blood Eagle code - Note, in the same hut as the inventory list, on a metal end table, on a shelf underneath some bottles of alcohol.


  • The Metal Dome was first added in the Steel Reign update. It finished construction with the release of the Invaders from Beyond update. With its construction complete came various graffiti that can be found in the dome:
    • "Who Killed the World?"
    • "Bite My Rusty Metal Ass"
    • "Stand in front of These" (located in front of a fire trap)
    • "Come closer" (located in front of a fire trap)
    • "Safe space" (by graffiti of a flower) (located in front of a fire trap)
    • "Hey You Awake?"
    • "Winner Winner Radstag Dinner"
  • When the Metal Dome was first added in Steel Reign, it was populated by hostile Blood Eagles. The Invaders from Beyond added the friendly Rust Eagles NPCs to the location, while Test Your Metal will add the associated event.


The Metal Dome appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Steel Reign update.

Behind the scenes

The "Bite My Rusty Metal Ass" graffiti is a reference to Futurama and the catchphrase of character Bender.[Non-canon 1]



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