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For an overview of laser rifle models in the Fallout series of games, see laser rifle.
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Some genius got to tinkern' with his laser. Polished metal barrel, a few prisms in there, and he got this lethal light show.— Everett

The Metal Blaster is a unique AER9 laser rifle added in the Fallout 3 add-on The Pitt.


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The Metal Blaster is a unique laser rifle that fires nine laser beams while expending only one microfusion cell. Everett explains that it was created by a traveler from outside The Pitt using parts he found lying around, including a series of prisms that split the beam.


The Metal Blaster fires nine seprate beams per microfusion cell expended, with the damage being split evenly between the nine beams. Outside of V.A.T.S., each beam can cause a separate Critical Hit, doing 27 damage for each beam striking the target. A sneak attack critical and the Better Criticals perk has the potential to inflict 839 damage if all beams connect with a target. The spread of the beams increases when used in V.A.T.S., however, and may strike wide of a selected target. It can be repaired with standard laser rifles.


The Metal Blaster can fire 455 shots, or about 19 reloads, from full condition before breaking. That's 631 fewer shots than a regular laser rifle.


  • Laser rifle - Standard laser rifle.
  • Wazer Wifle - This unique variant of the AER9 has higher damage and durability, as well as a larger magazine. It is obtained from Biwwy in Little Lamplight for five hundred caps, 250 with a speech check, or free with the Child at Heart perk.
  • Tri-beam laser rifle Gametitle-FO3 BS - The tri-beam laser rifle is a variant of the AER9 that fires three high-powered beams per shot, similar to the Metal Blaster, though it does require three microfusion cells every time the trigger is pulled. This weapon is not unique and is dropped by super mutant overlords but is not repairable with anything but other tri-beam laser rifles. It was first made available in Broken Steel.
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  • A "demo" version of the laser rifle is included in Fallout 3, presumably left from the game's E3 demo. It does one point less damage per shot and less than half the critical damage than the standard variant, but has a much higher critical chance percentage. It is not used anywhere in the game and is only accessible through the use of console commands.
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Laser rifle 23
Metal Blaster Gametitle-FO3 TP55
Wazer Wifle 29
Tri-beam laser rifle Gametitle-FO3 BS75


It can be obtained in The Pitt by bringing Everett 50 steel ingots during the quest, "Mill Worker."

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The Metal Blaster's laser beams won't set off any gas leaks if shot from a distance. However, if the Lone Wanderer shoots while standing in a gas leak, the explosion will occur just as with a "regular" firearm.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Metal Blaster is the second item in a two-part reference to Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. Two characters, Master and Blaster, correspond to the Metal Master armor and the Metal Blaster, respectively.


Playstation 3Icon ps3 Very rarely, after restarting the game, the Metal Blaster will do zero damage to anything. This bug can be solved by un-equipping and re-equipping the weapon. [verified]


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