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Message to Jack is a holotape in Fallout 4.


It can be found at Pickman Gallery, on the corpse of a raider named Jack, in the art room to the left of the entrance.


Raider: Seth. It's me. I found out what happened to the scouts that went missing up near the old art gallery. They're... they're dead, Seth. I'm lookin' at a... a goddamn painting of Kyle's body! Oh god... What the hell do they do to him?

Pickman: *humming happily*

Raider: Who the hell's there?

Pickman: Admiring my collection? I'm afraid it's not complete yet. Soon, though.

Raider: Stay away from me you psycho!

Pickman: Yes. Just like that. Hold that expression on your face...

Behind the scenes

The raider in this holotape was voiced by Matthew Yang King.