Message to Beckley is a holotape in Fallout 76.


The holotape can be found on a dining table in the upper levels of the shanty with the steamer trunk and red smokestack in New Gad, on the level with the black and white parasol over a couch while viewing the north end.



Jay DeeDee: Testing... testing... This is Jay DeeDee. Hope this piece of junk is finally recording. Can't believe I'm using one of these contraptions to send a simple message, but you asked for an update, Earnest. So here you go! Gad is a goldmine! The town that was here may have been gone for ages... ..but between what they left and the gear from the last batch of muck farmers, I could be here for a long while digging it up. There's barely a trickle of water after the dam busted and there are riches poking out of the mud all over the place! I've already built a home of my own. It isn't much, but I'm trying to claim my spot before scavengers show up looking to pounce on the goods. That's why I need your help, Earnest. I know you got guys looking for work over in Beckley. Heard about those machines taking jobs from hard working miners. Tell whoever will listen that I am offering twice what they were making hauling coal to come up to New Gad and lend a hand. Oh! And whatever digging or mining gear they've got would be great too. Might need to bring some protection as well. Someone built a shack only a stone's throw away and it's only going to get more crowded.


The timeline of this holotape is somewhat unclear, as it mentions a dam that was busted - presumably the destruction of Summersville Dam and the Christmas Flood. It also specifically mentions "New Gad" by name, but the pre-War labor disputes and automation by mining companies are referenced as if they are a recent issue.

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