Message from Hank Madigan is a holotape in Fallout 76.


The holotape can be found in the AMS corporate headquarters. It is loaded into the receptionist terminal, directly in front of where the elevator opens in the building.



Hank Madigan: This is Hank Madigan. Message to any Fire Breathers running through here after me. Had to dodge more robots and turrets than I can count, but I found what we were looking for. Atomic Mining Services were the barons of Ultracite. Had a lab right here in this office. I think they might have found a way to help us out. Even if they didn't know it.

Turns out once all the fuel is spent, there's a hunk of material left behind. This depleted Ultracite doesn't play nice with the normal stuff. Turns corrosive. AMS was thinking disposal and containment. I'm thinking weapon. Scorched walk around with chunks of Ultracite stuck in them. We modify some guns to fire depleted Ultracite. See if that makes those assholes melt.

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