The Mesquite Mountains camp site is a location in the Mojave Wasteland. It is located due north of the Mojave Outpost and south of the Mesquite Mountains Crater.


There are two tents each containing two beds at the upper site. East of the camp and below the ledge has the abandoned vehicles that may have brought refugees to the site. However, giant radscorpions have taken over the main campsite and radscorpions of various sizes inhabit the area surrounding the camp.

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This is the location that Private Edwards will go to if you tell him that there are many places to go during the quest We Will All Go Together. He will often have been killed by the three giant radscorpions that are in the area.


  • To the southwest of the location, there are 3 graves with various items in them. It is quite a bit away from the camp uphill. From the campfire, just go straight south, and when you reach the big rock terrace, go straight west. You will need a shovel in order to loot the graves.
  • Be careful when you load a saved game in this area; the radscorpions will re-spawn.
  • Some people can use this place as housing, as there are amenities including Prickly pear fruit, Barrel cactus fruit, and Banana yucca fruit nearby, as well as a campfire and beds.


Mesquite Mountains camp site appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenesEdit

Mesquite Mountains camp site is based on the real world location Mesquite Spring Campground in Death Valley National Park, California.


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