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Mesmetron manual - summary page is a holotape in Fallout 3.


Grouse hands it over along with the Mesmetron during Strictly Business.


First, let us congratulate you on choosing the Mesmetron as your preferred non-lethal subjugation device! Your field reports will assist us in our research, and help us continue to improve the Mesmetron's capabilities.

IMPORTANT! Please see your supervisor or commanding officer for details regarding the legal requirements and restrictions, before discharging the Mesmetron on civilians.


The Mesmetron is the undisputed leader in the field of non-lethal target elimination and retrieval. Simply point, shoot, and subdue!


Simply stated, the Mesmetron sends out a series of waves that short circuit key areas of the target's brain. Much like a radio signal, only instead of a radio picking up pleasant music, the target's brain picks up a series of complex and confusing signals that overwhelm the synaptic pathways with erroneous data, turning off important high-level thought centers and voluntary motor control.

CLASS B "Experimentally Efficient" CLASSIFICATION:

Warning! The Mesmetron is still designated as a Class B "experimentally efficient" weapon.

This means, that from time to time, unexpected, and potentially embarrassing side effect may be experienced (see your supervisor or commanding officer before using on civilians).

Occasional anomalous effects that have been recorded by field tests against certain targets include:

1.) Increased aggression
2.) The extremely rare "resonant brain wave feedback loop" (which is usually accompanied by explosive cranial deformation)

Please report the appearance of any of these anomalies immediately, and provide a clear and accurate account of all the circumstances in your field notes. The data we collect from agents in the field, such as yourself, is invaluable for working out these anomalies and getting the Mesmetron reclassified for everyday use!

Thank you for your service to our company, and to your country!

Implied Hypnotics, Inc.

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