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This is a transcript for dialogue with Merry Woodsman.


# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 WoodsmanHellos 003F19BD Fasnacht requires a bonfire. A bonfire requires wood. Please donate wood.
2 003F19BE Merry Fasnacht! I hope you will be charitable and donate to the stockpile of wood.
3 003F19BF Stacking wood is in my programming, but not gathering it. Please donate.
4 WoodsmanIdles 003F1A14 Helvetia has a long tradition of burning things, especially at Fasnacht.
5 003F1A15 What would Fasnacht be without a bonfire?
6 003F1A16 Wood is the ideal component of a cozy fire or a roaring blaze.
7 003F1A17 Bonfires reach extreme temperatures. Please enjoy at a safe distance.
8 003F1A18 Fasnacht banishes Old Man Winter. With Fire!
9 003F1A19 A merry Fasnacht requires a merry bonfire. And maybe booze.
10 003F1A1A Function WoodGather() data not found. Awaiting driver load sequence.
11 003F1A1B Diagnosing bonfire status. Variable WoodCount below minimum threshold.
12 003F1A1C Burning wood is almost as much fun as donating it.
13 003F1A1D When the bonfire burns bright, you can see why Old Man Winter takes flight.
14 003F1A1E Surrounded by trees and not enough wood for the bonfire. This does not compute.
15 E01F_Fasnacht_WoodsmanToParadeStart 0046FB9B What a heaping fine pile for our bonfire. Thank you for your donations, Old Man Winter will burn brightly tonight. Time for me to join the parade.
16 0046FB90 With the fire light in the candles bright to light our way, let's celebrate Fasnacht!