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This is a transcript for dialogue with Merriman.


# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 OverseerKioskHELLOS 004F584A Heck of party last night, eh mum? Good to see you all together one last time, drunk, joyous, and not staving off a horrible death minute by minute...
2 004F584B Remember -- you don't have to go it alone! Find friends or make new ones!
3 004F584C You must all go through that giant vault door alone! Unless, of course, you're next to someone else. Which I'd recommend, actually.
4 004F584D Teamwork! It's what built America! It's what built ME, come to think of it.
5 004F584E When you get outside, do remember your manners. Be nice. Be helpful. Be Vault-Tec!
6 004F584F When you get outside, find each other. Seek strength in numbers. Utilize both your similarities and differences!