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The Meresti service tunnel is the access tunnels from Meresti trainyard to Meresti Metro station, where the Family resides. It is littered with various types of traps.


Coming from the north entrance there are several traps, among them a rigged baby carriage. One of the tunnels is blocked, the other diverges into a passage leading west, to the Family. The other is straight ahead, going below a wrecked metro train, into a tunnel cave.


A few mirelurks in the caverns that lead to Northwest Seneca Station. Robert is standing guard near the station entrance.

Notable loot


Enclave Radio is the only radio station that plays within the Family's compound.


The Meresti service tunnel appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

Meresti is derived from Mărăști, the name of a town (more specifically, a commune) in Romania, which is fitting considering the overall vampire theme of the events that occur in the vicinity. One member of the Family, Justin, makes note of this.


  • PCPC At the outpost where a desk is positioned sideways with scorched books, a coffee mug and a stimpak (only the coffee mug can be picked up) on top of it as if it were on the desk itself, and not as if it were floating in mid air. [verified]
  • PCPC Sometimes, just past the rigged shotgun, a piece of meat will dangle on a chain from the ceiling and will proceed to shake by itself. [verified]