The Meresti Metro station terminal entries are a series of entries found on various terminals at the Meresti Metro station in Fallout 3.

Meresti trainyard station entry terminalEdit

Wall terminal, located in the Meresti service tunnel, in Robert's quarters.


Washington DC Metro Transit Authority
Meresti Trainyard Remote Access Entry Terminal

Unlock Station Access DoorEdit


> Door Unlocked

The Family's terminalEdit

There are two of these terminals around where The Family eats and holds their meetings.


Use of this system is only by permission of Vance.

The Five Laws of The FamilyEdit

The First LawEdit


The First Law "Feast not on the flesh: consume only the blood. This is our strength."

We do not eat the flesh of those we kill for food. We will only drink of their blood and leave the body intact. The consumption of flesh is filthy and unclean. This action is what causes the humans to treat us like animals. We are not animals, we are The Family.

The Second LawEdit


The Second Law "Bear not the child: welcome only the exile. This is our fate."

Because we carry the stain of our past in our bodies, we can never let it pass to our offspring who would in turn carry out our foul actions beginning the cycle anew. The Family must seek the Wasteland for others of its kind in order to maintain itself. That is our fate.

The Third LawEdit


The Third Law "Feed not for pleasure: Partake only to nourish. This is our dignity."

We only kill the humans when we are hungry or when we must defend ourselves, we never hunt for sport or pleasure. We do not prey on children for they are not yet tainted by society's view on us. The Family will not tolerate murder.

The Fourth LawEdit


The Fourth Law "Seek not the sun's light: embrace only the shadows. This is our refuge."

Because we are creatures of the night, we must not set foot in daylight. We move silently across the ground only under the watchful eye of the moon above. At the rising run, we must seek the embrace of the shadows and never again gaze at its brilliance. The Family seeks the dark as its refuge.

The Fifth LawEdit


The Fifth Law "Kill not our kindred: slay only the enemy. This is our justice."

Above all, no member of The Family will ever take the life of another member without the consent of the current leader. Anyone disobeying this action, the most heinous of all our crimes, will be exiled from this place forever. We must not let our own inner demons cause us to fight amongst ourselves. We number only in the few, and we cannot risk extinction.

Feeding GroundsEdit


These are perilous times for The Family. We must feed, but the Wasteland is a dangerous place. The only way to feed without massive loss of life is by getting close to the smaller human settlements. We will therefore use cunning and stealth to achieve our goals. No one is to forcibly enter any of their homes. We must keep our actions civilized. It is the only thing keeping us from being the animals they claim us to be.

Regarding the Arefu IncidentEdit


Regarding Arefu
I do not want an incident like this happening ever again! I was very clear that we are not to represent ourselves in a hostile way. The killing of the town's Brahmin was an act that was both unnecessary and potentially damaging to my work. I am dealing with a very delicate situation in this town and I will not have it undermined by action of revenge on humankind. Our time will come, I promise you.

Vance's terminalEdit

This terminal can be found in Vance's living quarters.

Vampires DefinedEdit


Vampires are beings based on folklore that prey on humans for the purpose of obtaining their blood. In these fictitious stories the blood serves as both a food source and a center of power for the vampire. It is a common motif in these tales that a victim could become a vampire if bitten by one. Other noted attributes of the vampire are its ability to change into the form of a bat or wolf, to become gaseous at will, the ability to hypnotize the opposite gender and increased life span.

Daytime FearEdit


It is interesting to note that the vampire is traditionally regarded in literature as having an aversion to sunlight. Many people believe this may stem from the misunderstanding of common phobias such as photophobia and heliophobia or even the actual physical issue of photosensitivity. In all of these accounts, the subject withdraws from daytime activities and is rarely seen outdoors. In the 18th century, with medical science in its infancy, this commonly gave rise to ridiculous accusations by the uniformed that these people were "strange" or "cursed". This is likely the reason vampire are awarded this attribute to their stories.

Vampires DestructionEdit


Depending on the cultural source, there are several ways to kill or destroy a vampire. The most common is by driving a wooden stake through the vampire's heart. In some cultures, the stake was driven through the mouth or stomach as well. Other tales tell of decapitation or immolation being the preferred method of destruction along with anything else that can completely annihilate the vampire's physical form.

Meresti trainyard station security terminalEdit

This terminal is located on the wall next to the door where Ian West is sleeping.


Washington DC Metro Transit Authority Meresti Trainyard Remote Access Security Terminal

Unlock Security Area DoorEdit


> Door Released

Activate Internal SecurityEdit


> ERROR - System Offline

Activate Protectron Security UnitEdit


> ERROR - System Offline


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