Merchant Empire is an unmarked quest in Fallout 3.


Through discussion with Uncle Roe, in Canterbury Commons, you can ask if the traders could become a unified group. You can proceed with either the Master Trader perk, a high Barter skill, the Black Widow perk, or if you are carrying at least 250 bottlecaps. He offers you a map showing the paths of the merchants and their various trade stops, and the option of investing into any of the caravans. Investing in a caravan allows that merchant to sell a wider variety and higher quality of items. It also raises their Repair skill, allowing them to restore your gear to near perfect condition, as well as the number of caps they have available for trading.

An initial investment of 200 caps can be made in each trader, followed by a second investment of 500 caps (totaling 2800 caps for all upgrades). The Master Trader perk discounts each investment by half to 100 caps for the first and 250 caps for the second.

The first time you speak with a merchant after investing fully in their caravan, you will be presented with a gift of gratitude. The gift differs for all four caravans, one of which includes the rare helmet, Crow's eyebot helmet.

Caravan merchants

The following merchants correspond to the investments:


Merchant chart

Amount of caps available depends on the player's level and is random to a certain degree. Caps replenish every 72 hours, but they are also retained, for example: players who routinely use Crazy Wolfgang for repairs will end up seeing higher available caps totals, (in some cases extremely high).

Merchant Ref ID Goods sold Initial First investment Second investment
Caps Repair Caps Repair Caps Repair Max condition Investment gift
Crazy Wolfgang 00063c07 Junk ≈61-249 15 ≈222-648 50 ≈483-1197 75 85% 2-6 Stealth Boys
Crow 00063c05 Armor ≈61-249 15 ≈222-648 40 ≈483-1197 65 79% Crow's eyebot helmet
Doc Hoff 00063c06 Chems ≈161-399 15 ≈322-798 40 ≈483-1197 65 79% 3-7 stimpaks
Lucky Harith 00063c08 Weapons & Ammunition ≈161-399 20 ≈322-798 45 ≈483-1197 70 82% Mini nuke

† depends on player's level


  • If you have the Master Trader perk, all of the investment amounts will be halved.
  • Be wary about investing in the various caravan merchants, as they have been known to die in the Wastes.
  • If you cannot make the traders appear through waiting at a frequent stop, they are most likely stuck at the tree in Canterbury Commons. Physically go there and stand next to them, then wait 1–2 hours. This should reset them and make them wander around the Wasteland again. NOTE: It is perhaps preferable to keep the merchants in their frozen, non-circulating state, whereby they don't risk death by wandering the Wastes.
  • When asking about the traders' locations, if any are dead, Uncle Roe will tell you that he hasn't seen them in a while or "they must have fallen off the map." (Note that a glitch in the unpatched version of the game makes the latter quite literally possible.) A merchant may be counted as "dead" by Uncle Roe if simply separated from his pack brahmin and/or bodyguard.
  • If one of the caravan merchants accidentally dies and is resurrected via console, his inventory and repair ability will revert to pre-investment state.
  • If you don't want to risk the traders' deaths, reverse pickpocket better armor and stimpaks on them. Do this in front of Megaton, then go back in and out again to check if they put the armor on. (Alternately, on the PC, use the "bat" / "setessential" console commands to make them unkillable.)
  • Agatha mentions all of these merchants during her radio broadcasts.
  • When investing in all merchants in one conversation, it may result in the merchants' inventories and caps staying the same, but still giving rewards and higher repair skills.
  • While the Repair upgrade and reward become effective immediately, the inventory upgrade happens with the next scheduled inventory refresh of the caravan traders (every 72h).
  • When you talk to each of the merchants for the first time, they might do their normal introduction. Ending the conversation and speaking to them will produce the correct reward dialog.
  • If the Caravan Guard and the Caravan Merchant die, their Brahmin will make its way to Canterbury Commons and stay there permanently.
  • Sometimes, especially near Canterbury Commons, the merchant on duty will run from the player as if running from an enemy, and the player must then run after the merchant in order to trade with them. NOTE: This action will also occur if there actually is an enemy nearby, so be sure to scan carefully for any enemies; sometimes you can save the merchant from dying if they are confronted in an attack.)
  • Repair Notes
    • After fully investing, the caravan merchants are the traders with the largest amount of available caps in the game. They also have the highest repair skills, with Crazy Wolfgang being the very best at 75 repair (allowing him to repair items to a max of 85% condition).
    • Haley can offer the highest repair skills through the use of a glitch (allowing him to repair items to a max of 100%).
    • Wolfgang's and Hoff's repair skills can be improved by another 5 or 10 points by reverse-pickpocketing a Red Racer jumpsuit, workman's coveralls, or RobCo jumpsuit with better than 75% condition. However non-player characters are immune to S.P.E.C.I.A.L bonuses and no headgear can improve repair.
    • Somah from the Mothership Zeta DLC sometimes has a repair skill of 100, so she can repair your equipment to 100%. The drawback is that it will cost you a hefty fee and she does not possess any selling options, meaning you'll have to pickpocket her to get your money back. You can also use alien epoxies for your repair needs as they come in an unlimited supply. You can get these by talking to Sally on board the Mothership once you complete the quest every 24 in game hours.
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