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For an overview of merc outfits appearing in the Fallout series, see Merc outfit.
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The Capital Wasteland Mercenaries Creation comes with eight new mercenary outfits, two of each classic FO3 style: Veteran, Troublemaker, Charmer and Adventurer. We returned to the original concept art when creating these to give them a fresh appearance. To obtain these armors you'll need to fight the good fight in the Capital Wasteland by helping a ragtag group of mercenaries defend GNR! Return to this iconic setting and fight off an antagonistic military company that's taken over the station.Creation Club description

The mercenary outfits are a series of outfit sets that can be obtained in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content "Capital Wasteland Mercenaries."


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Fo4CC Mercenary adventurer outfit

Mercenary adventurer outfitEdit

Mercenary adventurer outfit, with matching goggles for men and cropped mercenary adventurer outfit for women.

Fo4CC Mercenary charmer suit and dress

Mercenary charmer suit and dressEdit

Mercenary charmer suit, with matching helmet for men and mercenary charmer dress, with matching helmet for women.

Fo4CC Mercenary troublemaker outfit

Mercenary troublemaker outfitEdit

Ammo-laden mercenary troublemaker outfit for men and mercenary troublemaker outfit, with matching hat for women

Fo4CC Mercenary veteran outfit

Mercenary veteran outfitEdit

Caged mercenary veteran outfit for men, with matching goggles and mercenary veteran outfit for women, with matching goggles.



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