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The Mercenary Pack is a Fallout: New Vegas add-on that gives the player access to a variety of extra items at the start of the game. This pack was only available to those who pre-order Fallout: New Vegas from Best Buy, JB Hi Fi in Australia, Gamestation in the U.K, BT Games in South Africa or from Amazon in Germany prior to the release of the Courier's Stash.

This bonus pack, along with the other three, is available as part of the add-on Courier's Stash. This is the only pre-order bonus pack to feature a unique explosive weapon.



Xbox 360Icon xbox360 If Patch and the Mercenary Pack are both installed, the game may not start. Upon pressing [start] in the Main menu, the message "Searching for downloadable content" will appear and will remain on the screen indefinitely, leaving the player unable to play the game.[verified]

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