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This is a transcript for dialogue with Mercedes Stern.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
18 0054279D 0054468F Don't mind Maggie. I know she can be a handful. And don't call her PITA to her face. She hates that.
19 00544690 You're a scrawny looking one. dismissive
20 00544692 Regs can gear you up. But you'll have to trade him gold for it. matter-of-fact
21 00544693 I don't have time for chit-chat. dismissive
22 00544694 If you get out of line, you'll have to answer to me. self-assured, mild threat
41 0058ECAD Seems like everyone is in power armor these days. dismissive
42 0058ECAE Good call giving the gold to those guys at Crater. We need to be hard to survive in this new world.
96 0058B9B1 0058C56E Yeah?
97 0058C56F Be quick. I've got target practice soon.
105 0058F9F5 0058FA23 Watch it. That's my daughter, Maggie.
106 The call her Pita, which stands for... nevermind.
107 She's got attitude. She'll go far in this new world, if I can keep her alive long enough. proud
108 Try not to push her buttons though. I had to take away her bullets because she tried to shoot a bot that pissed her off.
109 0058F9F7 0058FA15 Security. I'm the muscle. I do whatever it takes to keep visitors like you in line.
110 I was a three time marksman champion and held the course record for simulation kills in hostage drills.
111 Never got to actually use in the field before the bombs dropped.
112 0058F9F9 0058FA25 If necessary. But we do have quarters elsewhere in the vault.
113 Gotta have somewhere to hang our guns and night.
114 They're off limits to civilians though.
142 00593D2A 0058C570 If you want someone to hold your hand, go talk to Slick. I'm busy.
145 005A030D 00544691 If you're bored, go see Dirk. He's the AC. Agent in Charge. dismissive


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
11 0054EDC6 0054EE06 What about you? How many humans did you kill?
20 0054EDCC 0054EE16 Ghoul!
31 0054EDDD 0054EE0C Thanks.
41 0054EDE2 00553AD0 I can't wait to get out of here. Just thinking about what could have happened to my daughter tied my stomach in knots.
44 0059DAF1 I hope every last one of those ghouls is gone.
47 0059DAF4 Digger is a ghoul now. What if he does something to my daughter? We can't take that chance.