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Merc outfits are sets of clothing in Fallout: New Vegas.


They come in several variants with different appearances but identical stats. Each variant can be repaired using any of the other merc outfits.


Merc outfits come in many variations including:

Merc cruiser outfit

Merc cruiser outfit.png

A long leather jacket with the sleeves removed with a white t-shirt underneath, as well as some black pants make up this outfit.

Merc adventurer outfit

Merc adventurer outfit.png
  • Male - A large leather jacket with torn-off sleeves, a red sweater underneath, a brown bandolier, along with several watches, a pair of brown pants, and a necklace with three teeth on it make up this suit of clothing.
  • Female - Comes with a bare midriff red/black top, similar pants and boots with spurs. Instead of the bandolier, it comes with a small leather strap.

Merc charmer outfit

Merc charmer outfit.png
  • Male - A faded teal suit jacket and pants with a gray shirt underneath, as well as a strange collar that protects the neck.
  • Female - Gray-blue suit top with a matching mini-skirt and ripped black fishnet tights.

Merc grunt outfit

Merc grunt outfit.png
  • Male - A white shirt and some brown military-esque cargo pants make up this suit of clothing.
  • Female - Basically the same, but with a white tank top instead.

It is almost the same as the wasteland doctor fatigues, but without the added satchel or blood. It can be used to repair the naughty nightwear.

Merc veteran outfit

Merc veteran outfit.png
  • Male - A blue leather jacket with re-bar shoulder arches and bracelets, along with a few war medals, a rebreather/gas mask of some kind hanging around the neck, and some brown pants make up this suit of clothing.
  • Female - Similar to the male version, but with no sleeves, no metal gratings, and no medals on the jacket.

Merc troublemaker outfit

Merc troublemaker outfit.png
  • Male - A heavy black coat, two ammunition belts, and some grayish pants make up this suit of clothing.
  • Female - Similar to male version however ammunition belts are replaced with two leather strips.

Explorer's gear

A unique variant of the merc troublemaker outfit.