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Memory Interrupted is a Railroad side quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthrough

Railroad side quest: Memory Interrupted
Talk to Desdemona
Listen to P.A.M.
Agree with P.A.M. and Carrington
Agree with Desdemona
Go to the Memory Den
Speak to Dr. Amari
Pick up H2-22's holotape from the table
Go to Malden Center
Team up with Glory
Tell Glory her help is not required
Clear the area
Report back to Desdemona
Reward: 300 XP
200 caps
Two Railroad Stealth Boys
Railroad Stealth Boys for sale

Detailed walkthrough

Back at Railroad HQ, Desdemona and Doctor Carrington can be found discussing a safe way to transport H2-22 after his memories were altered by Dr. Amari. P.A.M. will tell the group about increasing Institute activities, which will start a discussion between Desdemona and Carrington on how the Railroad should react. While Desdemona suggests rerouting the path, P.A.M. and Carrington will state that the safest way is to eliminate any synths blocking the original route. The Sole Survivor will have the option to side with one of the two parties. However, even if they side with Desdemona, she will concede that rerouting is not an option and go with Carrington's plan to eliminate the synths on the original route.

The Sole Survivor is sent to Dr. Amari to tell her about the new plan. After a conversation, Amari will tell the Sole Survivor to grab the Goodbye from H2-22 holotape from the table, which contains a personal message from H2-22 (although the conversation with Amari may take place elsewhere, "the table" in question is the round one with the red tablecloth behind Irma on the first floor stage).

The Sole Survivor is then sent to Malden Center to eradicate any Gen 1 synths in the area. Before entering the station, they run into Glory, who was accidentally sent to accomplish the same mission. Together, they must destroy all the synths there, even though Glory constantly comments on the fact that she believes even Gen 1 synths should be rescued (e.g. asking if they couldn't just scare them away). It is also possible to dismiss Glory by saying that her help is not required, upon first meeting her outside of the station. In this case, she will return to Railroad HQ, leaving the Sole Survivor to clear the area on their own.

Afterward, the Sole Survivor should return to Desdemona for the reward.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
100 Talk to Doctor AmariThere's a Synth stranded at the Memory Den. His escape route out of there has been compromised. I need to go to Doctor Amari and tell her I've been sent to clear a path.
300 Eliminate the Gen 1sI'm helping out H2-22 again after he chose to have his memories replaced. There's a group of Gen 1 Synths at Malden Center preventing the Railroad's runners from getting H2 to safety. I have to deal with them.
350 Travel with GloryGlory has accidentally been given the same job. So the two of us are going to eliminate the Gen 1s in Malden Center. After we've done that H2-22 can be safely moved from the Memory Den.
400 Report back to DesdemonaAll of the Gen 1 Synths have been eliminated from Malden Center. H2-22 can now be moved to safety. I should report this to Desdemona back at HQ.
500Quest finishedQuest completeH2-22 has been moved from the Memory Den and is already on his road to freedom. As a bonus, Doctor Amari's operation is secure once again.
9000Quest failedQuest failed


  • Glory will be at the location where the synths are located and will accompany the Sole Survivor through the mission.
  • If the player character is in good standing with The Institute, the synths will not be hostile to them.
  • It is possible to initiate this quest by simply clearing out Malden Center of synths and raiders. The quest will initiate from the quest marker 'Report back to Desdemona' once the synth leader is killed, whereupon one may go back to Railroad HQ. On arrival, the player character will find Desdemona and Doctor Carrington discussing the situation, and the dialogue will proceed as if the quest was being given for the first time. However, Desdemona will have a quest marker above her head (if the quest active is active). At this point, both her quest marker and 'Talk to Doctor Amari' will be active and the player character may either talk to her and complete the quest OR ignore her/back out of dialogue and continue the quest as per the full quest markers, meeting Amari, the encounter with Glory, etc. The synths and a few of the raiders will respawn and this stage of the quest can be repeated, the only difference is that even when all the synths are dead, one will still have both 'Report back to Desdemona' and 'Eliminate the Gen 1s' will still be active. Talking to Desdemona will complete the quest as normal.
  • Valentine, Hancock, Piper, Deacon, and Strong all like it if the player character decides to team up with Glory to clear out the Malden Center; MacCready and Cait dislike it, but Cait and MacCready like it if the player character decides to dismiss Glory; Strong dislikes it.
  • The synths will respawn if they are cleared before the quest. The raiders and synths outside will still be dead. The elevator down to the synth leader will be still accessible.
  • Glory is considered essential during this quest but that ends the moment the last synth is dead. If raiders are still alive, they can then kill Glory and one will have to report her death to Desdemona. If she dies before the player character has completed Emergent Behavior, then an alternate caretaker takes her place.


PCPC Desdemona does not have dialogue for reporting back to her if The Molecular Level is active and the stage where a supporting faction must be chosen has been reached, making it impossible to finish this quest until one proceeds in The Molecular Level. [verified]