The Memory Den terminal entries are a series of entries found on a Novice locked terminal at the Memory Den in Fallout 4. Can also be accessed with Irma's terminal password.

Irma's terminalEdit


Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink
Here's to Good Times and Good Memories.

Client: Kent ConnollyEdit


All of his memories are about that Silver Shroud radio show he's always going on about. That reminds me, I keep telling him to keep all of his posters and toys inside his room. They always seem to spill out into the main floor.

Poor Kent. People may gossip about the Den taking advantage of him, but the truth is he's our biggest charity case. If I lived to be over 200, I know I'd be tired of the real world, too. What's the harm in letting him dream a little longer than the next fella?

Amari put in some safety settings into his Memory Lounger so he doesn't starve himself to death. Far as I'm concerned, if he wants to live out the rest of his days plugged in and occassionallyIcon sic waking up to eat and stare at his poster collection, that's his choice.

Client: HancockEdit


Mayor Hancock's memories are... well, let's just say if you thought he was handsome and dangerous now, you should've seen him before he turned ghoul. And I thought I knew how to have a good time...

Client: Fred AllenEdit


Fred Allen at the Hotel Rexford keeps coming in, high as the day is long. One day he comes in on Jet, and asks for a memory of him being on Buffout. He says it's "for an experiment."

Getting stoned on Jet, and then playing a memory of yourself being stoned on Buffout WHILE you're still stoned on Jet...

Well, you have to admire his committmentIcon sic.

Client: Clair HutchinsEdit


Clair's memories are quite vivid. Amari says she must have "one of those brains" with great attention to detail. Maybe that's why she's so meticulous.

Oh, and she had a cute husband back when she was younger. I can see why she misses him.

Client: DaisyEdit


I love the irony of a staunch opponent of the Den coming in to sample the goods. Temptation. It gets us all in the end.

Reminder to myself: Daisy may not look it now, but there's a reason she's lived to be such a ripe, old age. Best that no one knows she ever came here. I don't need a reason for the hellion side of her coming out, looking for pay backIcon sic.

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