Mem chip is a holotape in Fallout 3.


This holotape is added to the Lone Wanderer's Pip-Boy after reading the Android log 2 entry on Horace Pinkerton's wall terminal, located in the broken bow.



I stole the mem chip from that jerk Braun. Where does he get off robbing people of their souls like that. Anyway, he's so involved in that simulation of his, that breaking in and taking it was like stealing from a little girl. Of course, I won't know whose memories are on this thing until I integrate it into it'sIn-game spelling new host. But they never specified, so it shouldn't really matter. I can't wait until the subject arrives.

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The player character needs the passcode from Pinkerton to gain access to the terminal. For that, the quest objective must direct to Pinkerton ("Find out what he knows").

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