Melon blossom is a consumable item in Fallout 4.


It is a blueish purple blossom found growing on wild melon plants which, in Survival mode, can be used in crafting herbal anodyne and stimulant at a chemistry station. For the Chemist perk, this item is treated as a chem, as the HP gained from consuming it will increase.



  • Four can be found west of Gorski cabin, three are in a cluster south of the rocks at the crossroad, another one a few meters east
  • Two on the road west of relay tower 0SC-527, a short distance north of a ruined blue car and a fallen tree.
  • Two next to two tato flowers on the south side of the northern arm of the creek that does a loop between recon bunker Theta and Lake Quannapowitt. The site is roughly halfway between the apex of the loop and the road that crosses the creek and is some 10 meters from the northern arm and due north of the visible radio tower 3SM-U81.
  • Two on the road due south of Med-Tek Research. One north of the western end of the pool next to the road and the other further east nearer the T junction (to the ruined house encountered in The Lost Patrol).
  • Two on the rocky cliff directly west of an unmarked shack, north of Vault 81.
  • Three halfway to the road in the roughly northeast line from Listening Post Bravo to the Slog. There are two barkless tree trunks (one horizontal and one at 45 degrees oblique) two meters north by northeast of the spot.
  • Three under the expressway roughly halfway between Lexington apartments and the line drawn due south from Covenant. They are in a hollow due east of a light blue car.
  • Two are east of Wildwood Cemetery, just over a rocky ridge. next to a bus with a tree leaning on the back.
  • Three west of the northern end of the screen at the Starlight Drive In. Just past the electricity pole.
  • Three on the soil adjacent to the edge of the bare rock bounding the Old Gullet sinkhole and roughly north by northeast of the upper rusty drainpipe and due north of the center of the sinkhole. There are trees and some tree debris to the left of the spot
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