The Megaton terminal entries are a series of entries found on various terminals in Megaton in Fallout 3.

Broken terminalEdit

Terminal is located in Doc Church's clinic.


ERROR 0xF141A013
"No Data Storage Detected."
"Check Tape Drive Connection."

Confessor Cromwell's terminalEdit

Terminal is located in the Children of Atom building.


Welcome, Confessor. May you walk in the Glow...

Atom's NucleusEdit


People often innocently ask me "Confessor, why do you worship a bomb?" Like curious children, they come to me with questions about the most visible and perhaps controversial aspect of our faith. The innocent among us hear my sermons before the great symbol, they see us bathe in the waters, and they wonder if it is danger we seek -- a suicide pact, perhaps. And while you may be tempted to answer their curiosity with anger, my gentle Children of Atom, you must never do so.

The core of Atom's philosophy teaches us peace. That we must educate the curious and work towards alleviating their ignorance, that we must teach them to accept the glory of the Division of the past and to seek the glory of the Division that is to come.

Teach them, my Children, teach them how the miserable rotten meat of their bodies will give birth to countless lives at the time of Division. Teach them that they should not mourn the world that has passed, but praise and celebrate those that have already been Divided. Teach them the blessing, the glory, that the peace of our communion and the satisfaction that can be found in our blessed work.

Teach them, my Children. Teach them well, and in the teaching, find your peace and your place. This is the core of Atom's message to us. Spread. Grow. Communicate.

Go in peace, my precious Children. Walk in Atom's Glow.

Treatise On Atom's Second ComingEdit


What is Atom?

Atom is light. Power.

Atom is change.

Atom is the cleansing that brings order to chaos.

Atom is purity.

Atom is peace.

Atom is hope.

Bringing About The DivisionEdit


I often ask myself if the time is right for the second Division. Here, in Atom's blessed village, are we truly ready for his coming? Have I properly prepared my people for the moment in which his great altar cracks open and reveals to us his glory? I am but a man, who am I to bring these people to glory? Who am I to seek to cause the division?

Moira's terminalEdit

Terminal is located in the Craterside Supply.


Doc-u-tron Desktop
model 986

Welcome, MOIRA. What would you like to do today?

Store InventoryEdit


> Data corrupted! Use hardcopy backups.

Track Current ExperimentsEdit


It is a lovely day for science! What shall we test today, MOIRA?

Do brahmin heads learn independently?Edit


> More study of brahmin language required.

Can explosives be used to expand town?Edit


> Lucas Simms requests all testing cease.

Can Mole-Rats be domesticated?Edit


> Yes, if defanged, declawed, & lobotomized.

How to prevent raider attacks?Edit


> Raiders refuse to sit for interviews.

What do Super-Mutants eat?Edit


> Research assistants.

What happened to China?Edit


> Reports uncertain. China may be fictional.

Can centaurs talk?Edit


> Abundance of tongues suggests so.

What is the purpose of being?Edit


> To perform science.

Survival Guide ProgressEdit


> File printed and distributed

Moriarty's terminalEdit

Terminal is located in Moriarty's Saloon.


Moriarty's Property Only!
Motivational Phrase of the Month: "When the chips are down, it means the Brahmin is empty."




Jericho's been a bad boy. I heard all about him and Jenny Stahl. Tried to slip her some of the old gun barrel while she's yelling no. He's lucky the "gun" didn't go off or that would have given the Stahl clan something to crap their pants about. He thinks he's king of the hill, walking around Megaton like he does all high and mighty. He tries to pull that shit with me and the Jenny Incident goes public.

Leo StahlEdit


Never trust a junkie. That's what I've learned trying to deal with this piece of work. He wanders in here higher than a bird in flight and tries to make it with Nova. She slapped him silly after he didn't wanna pay, the good girl. I almost kicked him out myself, but he staggered out of here. That guy may just be the straw I need to break Andy's back.

Andy StahlEdit


This guy is a real piece of work. Opening a fucking bar in my town? What a jackass. I swear, he's up to something. I'm going to have to think of a way to reduce his business a little. For now at least I still got my secret weapon... Nova: best refreshment in town.

Billy CreelEdit


That Nuka-Cola swilling prick. Parading his little "daughter" Maggie around for all to see like a proud father... yeah right. Found her wandering the Wasteland my left ass cheek. I bet old Billy fed Maggie's parents that buckshot sandwich himself then added the little girl to his trophy collection in that shithole he calls a home. I better keep my eye on him.

Doc ChurchEdit


Church thinks he such a freakin' badass. Everybody runs to him if they get a damn wood splinter and he just laps up their caps like a drunk downing alcohol. If people only knew he used to be a medic for the slavers at Paradise Falls, they'd run his sorry ass right out of town. But I think I'll keep that little nugget tucked away for later use.


Mr. BurkeEdit


This guy is a class A weirdo. One day I'm wiping down the bar and the fucker comes from out of nowhere... I didn't even hear the door open. He tells me he's here to wait for some sort of an opportunist to come through. Whatever. As long as he pays for his drinks, he can stay here until that damn bomb explodes in the center of town for all I care.

James (Vault 101)Edit

Reading this entry adds the Moriarty's info on dad note to the player's Pip-Boy.


So, out of nowhere, James came back to Megaton. Since he stayed here before he asked me where the hell he could get a lay of the land and find out what's going on in the world. I told him about Galaxy News Radio in the ruins of D.C., and that guy Three Dog. Then like that, he was gone again.

I remember the first time he showed up almost twenty years ago. I never expected someone to actually want to or be able to get INTO a vault, but he must have had his reasons. He had his kid with him, some baby that wouldn't shut the fuck up. Normally I would have kicked someone like that out of my place, but he had a way with words. Then, like that, he ducks into Vault 101 and he's gone for almost twenty years. Nice guy I guess, but never spends enough caps.



Jericho - 32 caps (deadbeat bastard)
Doc Church - 14 caps
Nathan - 8 caps
Stockholm - 8 caps

Brass Lantern terminalEdit

Terminal is located in The Brass Lantern. Can be unlocked with the crumpled note.


Welcome to The Brass Lantern computer system, Mr. Stahl. What would you like to do today?

Notes On LeoEdit

This entry appears standard, with Leo Stahl being addicted to chems. It continues to stay following a negative outcome of Leo's Drug Habit, where Leo will deal chems.


I hate to even think that Leo is stealing from us, but he can't really seem to explain where the money is going. A cap or two is an honest mistake, but we're talking over a hundred per month here. I can't really accuse him of stealing, but something is going on.

And the oddest thing... Doc Church seems to know something about Leo, but won't tell me.

Notes On LeoEdit

This entry appears if Leo is no longer addicted to chems, as a positive outcome of Leo's Drug Habit, where the Lone Wanderer makes Leo quit his addiction.


Ever since that stranger helped Leo out with his problem, his counts have been coming up clean. I can't believe that he managed to hide his habits from me all this time. I guess we've grown apart over the last few years. That's something I'll have to work on fixing.

Cash NotesEdit

This entry appears standard, with all 300 bottle caps in the floor safe.


Leo's count came up short again this month. 124 caps this time. I'll have to keep an eye on him. He's either careless or a thief.

Cash NotesEdit

This entry appears if the Lone Wanderer picks the floor safe's Very Hard lock and steals at least one bottle cap, leaving less than 300 caps.


Leo's count came up short again this month. 124 caps this time. I'll have to keep an eye on him. He's either careless or a thief. And now the safe is coming up short too but Leo couldn't use a computer to save his life... could he?

Inventory NotesEdit


We're coming up short on a few things again. I can't explain it. We have enough liquor in the still to supply us each month, but yet we keep running short. Note to self: keep an eye on Leo. Between this and his cash shortages, I'm starting to think that something is going on.


Unlock Floor SafeEdit


> Safe unlocked...

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