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The Mega surgery center is an unmarked location in the Diamond City market in 2287. It is owned and operated by Doc Crocker and Doctor Sun, who offer facial reconstruction and general medical services.


This building has two entrances: a door to the Mega surgery center to the left of the small covered shop stall, and a hatch to the surgery cellar inside the stall. The stall also features a chemistry station and a few containers. When the Sole Survivor first approaches the establishment, Doctor Sun will greet them hurriedly, no matter whether they wish to utilize his services or not. He will point them to the Mega surgery center entrance if they ask about facial reconstruction.

The Mega surgery center interior consists of a single basement room where Doc Crocker can be found before The Disappearing Act and Doctor Sun can be found after the quest; here one will be able to purchase facial reconstruction services for 100 caps. The surgery cellar comprises an underground cave with a bloody table and shelves and chains hanging from the ceiling.


  • The surgery cellar key is needed to enter the Mega surgery center and the surgery cellar without lockpicking the Expert-locked door and the Advanced-locked hatch.
  • The surgery cellar will remain unlocked upon finishing The Disappearing Act.


The Mega surgery center only appears in Fallout 4.