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The Mega Mansions are a unique form of architecture in Fallout 76.[1]


There are only three Mega Mansions in Appalachia, but each one once stood tall in the skyline as a symbol of wealth and power, but now largely function as distinctive landmarks in the Ash Heap and Savage Divide.


Mega Mansions are built on top of a base, one level floor that acts as a "lobby" with an elevator (all require a keycard to operate) that leads to the upper mansion levels. These mansions were built by ultra-rich mine owners, like both the Hornwright and Garrahans, as it allowed them to overlook their mining operations while keeping away from the pollution those mines caused. The Mega Mansions would also catch the eye of the public (at least conspiracy theorists) about the improper use of technology.[2]

By the time of the Great War, Mega Mansions were an undeniable symbol of wealth that loomed over the working-class miners. Eventually, miners began targeting Mega Mansions in opposition to losing their jobs to automation and would destroy an unoccupied Mega Mansion in Bramwell with mining equipment and explosives.[1] Despite riots targeting the wealthy's property, two mansions are still standing 25 years after the Great War, with little structural damage.

Known Mega Mansions


The Mega Mansions appear in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes

The Fallout 76 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide claims that all three structures were constructed by the Garrahan Mining Company.[3]



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