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Meg Groberg is the leader of the raiders in Appalachia in 2103. She was previously a member of the Diehards.


While she was a member of the Diehards, Meg believed that Margie McClintock's ideal of the pacifist raider life was unrealistic and often disobeyed the Diehards' standing order to not fire unless fired upon.[1] At some point before the Scorched Plague entered the Savage Divide, Meg had splintered off from the Diehards and left Appalachia entirely with several other Diehards. In 2103, Meg returned to Appalachia with her raider group, having grown exponentially in the previous years, to take ownership of the crashed Valiant-1 space station, dubbing it the Crater.

Interactions with the player character

  • Meg is first encountered in the quest Strange Bedfellows after being summoned by Rose to the Top of the World to meet with the Vault 76 residents. The invitation was per the request of the Vault 76 overseer, so that her group could be given the vaccine to the Scorched Plague. Meg is hesitant to have her raiders inoculated due to her distrust of vault residents since the raiders were in Appalachia well before the vaults opened. She offers a compromise to the residents: Help Lieutenant Aldridge with an attack on the Scorched near the Philippi Battlefield Cemetery and she'll consider having her raiders inoculated. When the residents return with the grim news that Aldridge and his team were wiped out by the Scorched, Meg finally agrees to have her raiders inoculated. When the residents return with the vaccine, she is initially puzzled to find it comes as a new flavor of Nuka-Cola, but nonetheless accepts it and expresses gratitude to the residents for protecting her raiders from the Scorched and scorchbeasts.
  • Meg can be chosen over Paige and his Settlers for a raid on Vault 79.

Interactions overview

This character has no special interactions.


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Meg Groberg is mentioned in Fallout 76 and appears in its add-on Wastelanders.


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