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This is a transcript for dialogue with Meg Groberg.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 005563A3 00555545 Hey, Seven-Six, the quicker you get Lou on board with us, the quicker we get into that vault.
2 00555546 You come to me all in a hurry, now you're taking your sweet-ass time hangin' around here. I don't get you, Seven-Six. Confused that the player isn't getting their job done quicker.
3 00555547 Come to think of it, I haven't seen Lou in a while. Ah well, least he's got you to check up on him. She's been meaning to catch up with Lou, but she's been so busy it's fallen by the wayside.
4 0055D8E3 Between you and me, Johnny can be a bit full of himself. He knows what he's doing, but don't let him push you around too much, y'hear? She like Johnny and knows he has value, but she knows he can be a pain in the ass.
5 0055D8E4 You got vision problems? You're lookin' for Johnny remember? Annoyed that the player isn't getting their job done quicker.
6 And, I know I don't look like a handsome white cat, so get on outta my face and get yourself on over to Johnny ASAP. Draw out ASAP: A. S. A. P.
7 0055D8E5 Hey, can you tell Johnny I want to see him later in my personal bunk? We got... important things to discuss. Implying that maybe they aren't actually discussing anything, and that maybe they have a thing going on, but trying to be discrete about it.
8 0058553C I don't see Gail over here volunteering for the job yet. You gonna get on that, Seven-Six?
9 0058553D What's the hold-up? Do we have Gail for the job or not? Confused that the player isn't getting their job done quicker.
10 0058553E Gail seems to be throwin' a fit over there. You're gonna have to calm her down before she's gonna want to do anything for us. She can hear Gail in the other room.
11 00585540 I ain't got time right now for you, Seven-Six. I know you can handle this on your own.
12 00585541 Believe it or not, you're not the only thing on my plate right now, so I expect you to do your part if you want this vault job to happen.
13 00585542 C'mon Seven-Six. You got this. Now get out there and get to work.
14 00585544 Let's see some hustle, Seven-Six. We got a vault to raid.
15 00585545 I'll see you at the entrance to the vault.
16 00585546 We're so close to getting' our hands on that gold, I can almost taste it!
17 0059DB73 I'm sure I'll be seeing you around Crater. Positive. The player helped her get the gold from Vault 79.
18 0059DB74 You done good. Keep on keepin' on. Positive. The player helped her get the gold from Vault 79.
19 0059DB75 We're all rich 'cause of you, Seven-Six. You let me know if you ever find something else like this. Positive. The player helped her get the gold from Vault 79.
20 0059DB77 You better be on your best behavior around me from now on, if you ever want to step foot in Crater again. Negative. The player cheated her out of some or all of the gold she was promised.
21 0059DB78 I ain't too happy with you. Best step off and give me my space for a while, if you know what's good for you. Negative. The player cheated her out of some or all of the gold she was promised.
22 0059DB79 I still can't believe you played us like that, Seven-Six. You disappoint me. Negative. The player cheated her out of some or all of the gold she was promised.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0040D373 0040D456 Shit, you know I could just kill you and take this, right? You got a lot to learn before you can roll with us, Seven-Six. Amused
2 0040D457 Hahaha! Ooh, I like the cut of your jib. Maybe there is hope for you. Toss it up on the board and let's see what you've got here... Very Amused
3 00590B61 Come on, Seven-Six. Don't try my patience. A little annoyed, but more out of interest. The player just dangled interesting information in front of her, and just pulled back.
4 0040D374 0040D3C4 I assume you're coming to me because we've got the skills to get into this here Vault.
5 But, you know we ain't gonna do this outta the goodness of our hearts, baby doll.
6 Oh no, no. I'm gonna expect a significant cut of the goods inside.
7 So we're gonna have ourselves an agreement here, see?
8 I supply the people power. You supply the location.
9 We all get inside, we nab the goods. You get a nice fair little cut, and we all make out like bandits, ya dig?
10 0040D3CE Looks like your little... innoculation is working like a charm. We've established your usefulness, but don't mistake our gratitude for hospitality. Respects the player, but still wary of them.
11 0040D379 0040D3E0 Damn straight it does.
12 0040D37B 0040D436 I'd like my Momma back from the dead and a world that ain't burnt up like a post-nuclear turkey dinner, but we don't always get what we want.
13 Look, I know it ain't what you want to hear, but maybe you get a little bonus if you prove you're worth it, alright?
14 0040D37F 0040D45C Least when it comes to dyin'. Lou's got a knack for cheatin' death. He was up in Pittsburgh, 70 years old, when shit went down.
15 They say a real honest-to-goodness A-bomb fell straight in his living room. Thing didn't go off. A dud.
16 When the radiation came flowing down the rivers into the city, most died or went feral. But Lou survived. Changed, but with his mind intact.
17 You get the picture.
18 0040D381 0040D412 Aside from the fact Lou ain't exactly what I'd call a people-person, he looks like one of them ghouls you see shambling around out there.
19 Only, he still maintains all the other stuff that makes us human. Don't worry, he ain't gonna bite.
20 But, some of the others don't much appreciate his appearance, so he keeps to his self. Works out, since he's a bit of a hermit anyway.
21 0040D383 0040D3D4 Right on, Seven-six. Do your thing.
22 Just try to keep this on the down-low. I don't want the entire camp knowing what's goin' on yet. Only tell who I say to tell, ya dig?
23 0040D385 0040D442 So, first things first. We gotta have a plan to crack that big ass vault door wide open, right?
24 Easy peasy, light and breezy. That's a job for Lucky Lou, our demo expert. If he can't explode it, then it ain't from this earth.
25 Lou can be a real shut-in, on account of his uh... skin condition, but I trust him more than just about anybody.
26 Why don't you go see him in his room down below. Introduce yourself, fill him in on the plan, then do whatever prep work he needs you to do, ya dig?
27 0040D386 0040D3F5 You showin' your cards early, Seven-Six? Look, I may be a nasty cut-throat survivor, but I stick by my word.
28 I won't yank your chain, not like that bitch, Rose.
29 0040D388 0040D458 I don't know. Fifty percent of whatever we take in? Remember who's gonna do all the heavy lifting in there.
30 If the treasure's half as good as you say, that should be more than enough to set you up for life.
31 And, if you impress us enough, maybe you get to roll with us. That is, long as you're cool with people callin' you a raider.
32 0040D38A 0040D40E Peachy.
33 0040D38C 0040D404 Mhmm... alright, alright. This seems pretty legit. She's reading over some schematics, so this should be spoken slowly, with a long pause after "Mhmm."
34 0040D396 0040D402 You raise a good point. Alright, I'm listening.
35 0040D398 0040D3C1 You ain't wrong. Getting into one of them vaults sure would set us up for a while. She considers this information. Maybe the player's on to something.
36 0040D39A 0040D419 Now hold on a just a hot minute, I didn't say I wasn't interested. What's your deal? You got plans for this thing, or what?
37 0040D39E 0040D432 Wrong answer. You want my help, then you tell me what we're getting out of it. Simple as that.
38 0040D3A0 0040D3F4 You playin' with me, fool? You'd better out with it before you try my patience. What's in the Vault? Getting angry and annoyed with the player.
39 0040D3A2 0040D455 This is a fascinating turn of events, ain't it? The things I could buy with that gold.... Impressed. "The things I could buy with that gold" is more to herself.
40 You know, I heard rumors about it 'round here.
41 'Course the last sucker who tried to use the location of The Trove as a bargaining chip is still dangling from a wire outside as we speak.
42 Liars get wires, ya dig?
43 So, let's pretend for a moment I don't believe you. What you got to convince me?
44 0040D3A4 0040D40D Fine, but next time, you best be prepared to dish before you dash.
45 0040D3A6 0040D3CD Now you gotta be smart enough to know I ain't gotta promise you anything.
46 That's just where we're at Seven-Six. So, if you want something from me, you'd better get to talking.
47 0040D3A8 0040D425 The hell you can't. But you came here anyway, so you'd best not be playing with me.
48 Now, you gonna keep wearing out your welcome, or are you gonna tell me what it is you came to tell me?
49 0040D3AA 0040D3E9 Well if that don't pique my interest. Please, go on. And what exactly, pray tell, is inside of this Vault 79? Skeptical
50 0040D3AC 0040D403 Yet, here you are. That tells me you're not here just to waste my time. Skeptical, a little aggressive, but curious.
51 You want something, and it must be important, else you wouldn't be barging in here like you run the place. Out with it. Intrigued, but running low on patience for the player..
52 0058FDFA 0058FDFB Go on, toss those vault plans up on the board for me. A little impatient with the player.
53 00590B52 00590B5F Heh, use your imagination. Weapons, tech, you name it. But power... that's what I'm interested in.
54 We got all these problems out here: those Foundation scumbags trespassing on our land, the damned Blood Eagle wanna-bes, freaky Mothman cultists.
55 With that gold, we could have the power to bend all those weak-ass punks to my will, or wipe 'em out if they don't lie down and roll over, ya dig? Emphasize "my." A little more power behind "wipe 'em out...etc"
56 00590B54 00590B64 Maybe I would, maybe I wouldn't. That's the risk you take when you make deals in the Wasteland. Mildly threatening, but only to reinforce her point. She's not actually going to turn on the player.
57 You're lucky I ain't like some of the others out here. I get more respect because of my integrity. Emphasize "because."
58 But you better learn fast, 'cause next time you might not be so lucky. Now toss those plans up on the board so I can see 'em.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0041C9E8 0041CAE9 Yeah, if I know Johnny, he's gonna ask for a big cut of the prize.
2 In my opinion, he's worth it, but maybe you can make him see eye to eye and keep his cut reasonable this time.
3 Good luck, Seven-Six.
4 0041C9EA 0041CAB1 Good luck, Seven-Six. He may need a little convincing. Don't be afraid to give him a little incentive to work this job.
5 0041C9EC 0041CAE1 Not a chance, Seven-Six. I like you, but I barely know you.
6 Johnny may be a bit of a loose cannon, and he may be good at lyin' and cheatin.'
7 But, I know my way around him, if you catch what I'm puttin' down, and he knows better than to cheat me.
8 Can't say the same for you yet.
9 0041C9EE 0041CAAB Aw did I say that? He just goes by Gentleman Johnny Weston now, since he decided it was too much of a mouthful.
10 Used to call those guns "pride" and "joy," cause nothin' gave him more pride or joy than usin' them to end some poor fool's life.
11 As for the Gentleman part, well, it ain't a lie. If he can charm me, he can charm anyone.
12 Johnny believes there's a lot of power in a name. It sets certain... expectations.
13 My old Raider boss, Margie used to think the same. That's why she called her gang the "Diehards."
14 I think it's a load of shit. But hey, if it works for Johnny, it's cool with me.
15 0041C9F0 0041CADA Johnny's a bit of a hot-shot 'round here. Mr. Jack-of-all-trades is real good at what he does, which is just about everything.
16 Need a system hacked? Need someone dead, discretely? Infiltration's his game.
17 The cat's a real master of disguise, a con-man, and a charmer, for sure. That's how he got with us.
18 Snuck right in pretendin' to be someone he ain't, and it just stuck.
19 By the time we figured out his grift, I was so impressed, I hired him aboard.
20 0041C9F2 0041CB19 So here's what's what. Johnny's the real deal, best guy I got. I won't do this job without him.
21 Think of him as an insurance policy.
22 Thing is, on account of him being so critical to our success, he thinks he gets to do as he pleases, and to some degree that's true.
23 That bein' said, he can be fickle. If he doesn't want to do a job, well then Johnny doesn't do a job.
24 Since you know what's at stake here better than I do, I want you to see if you can't convince him this is the right job for him, ya dig?
25 0041C9F4 0041CAD2 That vault we're breakin' into's gonna have a lot of security. The kind explosions and muscle ain't gonna help with.
26 You want to get by security or any other surprises, there's only one guy I trust to get the job done: Gentleman Johnny "Two-Guns" Weston.
27 0041C9F5 0041CB10 Whoa, cool your Jets Seven-Six. While I appreciate the enthusiasm, we ain't ready yet.
28 0041C9F7 0041CACC Glad you asked.
29 0041C9F9 0041CB07 Shit, Seven-Six, she's just a kid. Ain't you ever been a kid before? Disappointed.
30 Even if you grew up in that Vault of yours, you got to have a nice pampered life as a kid compared to the shit we're in now.
31 Think of that, and it's a miracle Ra-Ra's alive, let alone as cool as she is.
32 0041C9FB 0041CAF9 Look at you, all humble and shit. Listen, it's a bigger deal than you think. Amused.
33 That little girl just might be the only reason Gail's so chill, and not trying to eat us like all the other Super Mutants out there.
34 0041CAFA Bull. Shit. Purposefully drawing it out. Dead serious, but not incredibly angry.
35 That ain't what I heard at all. You know, kids ain't afraid to talk. Serious, disappointed.
36 Whatever. You got her back and that's what's important. Let's move it on. Doesn't want to make it a big deal.
37 0041C9FD 0041CABD Well, some are just plain busy. But then, lots of 'em don't like the idea of taking care of a kid.
38 Many don't like big green mutant folk, understandably.
39 But they ain't the leader 'round here, and I say those two are more useful than almost anyone else we got here.
40 'Sides, I got a soft spot for kids, so screw the haters.
190 0041CAA8 0041CB2B Well hey, if it ain't Seven-Six. I heard all about what you did for Gail and Ra-Ra. The player helped Ra-Ra and treated her nicely. Meg is pleased.
191 Gail seemed pretty happy to see Ra-Ra.
192 Still, I'm pissed no one 'round here would lift a finger for 'em, so I guess I'm glad you came by. Thankful.
193 0041CB2C Hey Seven-Six. I hear Gail was in a bind and you helped her find her little girl. The player helped Ra-Ra, but treated her poorly. Meg is a little disappointed..
194 I also heard you treated Ra-Ra like shit though. Disappointed, maybe even laying on the guilt a little.
195 Still, no one 'round here would lift a finger for 'em, so at least you've got that going for you. Thankful, but not particularly pleased.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
5 003FE891 0041B824 The hell is this? Where's Thorpe?
8 0041B827 Look who finally showed up. Where's Aldridge?
10 0056D377 So, now that you recognize me as leader, you got one minute to tell me what you want before I get back to retakin' Appalachia. Condescending.
11 0056D378 Don't tell me you're back to push more Responders inoculation bullshit. Condescending.
12 0056D379 You gonna cut to the chase or has all that Vault dwellin' rotted your brain?
13 Get to the point. I ain't losing anything more to the Scorched wastin' time talking to you.
14 0056D37A You ready to prove yourself wrong and check up on that raid? Condescending.
15 0056D37B What's the deal, Seven-six. You checkin' up on this raid, or just wastin' my time? Condescending.
16 0056D37C You gonna tell me what you're goin' on about or am I gonna have to beat it out of you? Condescending.
17 0056D37D Aldridge was one of my best. I figured those Scorched would be a cakewalk for him. Frustrated and concerned.
18 0056D37E I can't believe you're still showing your face 'round here. Give me one reason I shouldn't take blood for blood.
41 0041B793 0041B828 Shit, I knew Aldridge was takin' too long.
61 0041B7B7 0059F1F5 You got that old diaper pail on your side?
62 All right. You may not have had my attention back at the Core, but you sure as shit have it now. Time to give it up and tell me just who you are.
111 00426813 004268C0 Shit. I knew he was takin' too damn long.
112 00426815 004268C6 Fine. I'll keep my end of the deal, but fair warning. If this backfires, I'll have my entire crew tear you apart.
113 00426817 004268A1 Shit. Aldridge was one of the best, and the Scorched wiped out that whole team?
114 I wouldn't believe it... but he was late reportin' back.
115 0042681B 004268A7 Infected? Aldridge is... was many things. But a martyr?
116 0042681D 004268D2 You did what? I'm afraid that's unacceptable. You kill one of mine and then come waltzin' in here expectin' to leave?
134 00426839 004268AA Shit. You're right. I'm just repeatin' the same mistakes.
135 Okay, forget the raid. I'll get someone to call them home. You just work on that inoculation.
136 Don't make me regret this, Seven-Six.
137 0042683D 004268AF Yeah, so we might lose a couple people. So what? We got numbers.
138 00426841 004268B5 You know what? You've sold me. I'm in.
139 Get to work on that inoculation. I'll call the raid to come back home.
140 00426845 004268BA Somethin' like a cure to the plague, is that it?
141 00426847 004268EC You're finally getting' hip. But you're still peddlin' that inoculation idea of theirs.
142 00426849 004268C2 Oh please. They would have just used us as meat shields while they sat back to "figure things out."
143 We would've been dyin' while they worked on that imaginary inoculation of theirs.
144 0042684B 004268F1 You're giving me a headache, Seven-Six. But yeah... somethin' like that.
145 That inoculation idea was just a way to get us to march to their tune. Wasn't anything more than that.
146 0042684D 004268C8 That just sounds like a sack of rules to get people to do what you want. That's not a party I want an invite to.
147 You're full of crap. Just like that inoculation idea of theirs.
148 0042684F 004268A3 Ain't that the truth. That's what made it so stupid. Like target signs on their damn backs saying "Hey! Come and get it!"
149 Idiots. And that inoculation idea of theirs was just one big lie, dig?
150 00426851 004268CE Up north a ways, closer to The Crater. Ain't gonna let any of those things linger too long near our base.
151 00426855 004268D7 What are you talkin' about?
152 00426857 004268AD I already made a decision. You're askin' me to change it.
153 00426859 004268DD Look, I don't trust anyone, but I especially don't trust anyone who says they're just "here to help."
154 I know enough about people to know they've all got an agenda, and for most, that's looking out for number one... themselves.
155 Least with my crew we're straight about it. No one here came with me based on false promises.
156 They're here 'cause I'm their best bet at staying alive, and once that ain't true, they'll either bail on me... or turn... and I'll be ready.
157 0042685B 004268B3 Oh I know all about the Scorched. Got my own plans. Like wipin' 'em out.
158 Why don't you take a look yourself? Got a raid goin' down right now that can show you how it's done.
159 00426861 004268CC As much as I hate to believe it, you're right. And besides, we made a deal.
160 I'll make the announcement. You hold up your end of the bargain. Be seein' you real soon, Seven-Six.
163 004268F5 Inoculation? That's just some bullshit the Responders made up to sucker the weak out of their supplies.
164 Didn't fall for it then. Sure as shit ain't fallin' for it now.
165 004268F6 Oh, I'll take that bet. You'll see. We're back, and we ain't gonna let anyone stand in our way.
166 Head out to their location and find Aldridge. Tell him I sent you.
167 Once you got it all wrapped up, head back to our base.
168 It's The Crater, built out of that old space station. Believe me. You can't miss it.
169 0054A38D These people been followin' me for a long time. I knew the risks comin' back here, but we find that trove? We're set.
170 I can't afford to let 'em down. Not after we've come this far.
176 0056D372 Come back when you can handle the conversation. Player is exiting conversation prematurely. Condescending.
177 0056D373 I ain't got no respect for someone who can't finish what they started. Player is exiting conversation prematurely. Condescending.
178 0056D374 And to think you're the one that called me. Player is exiting conversation prematurely. Condescending.
179 0056D375 You gotta be kiddin' me. Player is exiting conversation prematurely. Condescending.
180 0056D376 I think we both know you'll be back. Player is exiting conversation prematurely. Condescending.
184 00575AB6 You really need to finish what you start, Seven-Six.
190 00426862 004268EA Maybe. But lettin' some stranger medicate my crew ain't exactly a level of trust I want to hand out.
191 Besides. I got my own plan. Kill 'em all.
192 Got a raid against a group of Scorched goin' on right now. We put 'em down faster than they can crop up.
193 Why don't you head over and see for yourself?
194 00426864 004268BF Efficacy, huh? Maybe you do know what you're talking about, but... I don't know.
195 I got my own straight line solution. Kill 'em all.
196 Got a raid against a group of Scorched going down right now.
197 Why don't you head on over and see a real plan in action?
198 00426866 004268EF Think I'm gonna take a guilt trip about killin'? Oh, Daddy-O, you really have been in the dark, haven't you?
199 Yeah, I kill people. And you know what? I sleep like a baby afterwards 'cause that means less assholes to worry about.
200 Death is the ultimate end of an argument. You better get wise to that.
201 0042686A 004268A0 We left to survive, and if you hadn't noticed, it was the right choice.
202 You can't just claim everything for yourselves just 'cause we stepped out.
203 0042686C 004268CB Yeah, Margie was into all that "live and let live" talk. Hate to break it to you, but she ain't in charge now. I am.
204 0042686E 004268A6 You don't get to talk to me about that. We lost everything to that disease while you were all sittin' pretty underground.
205 00426870 004268D1 They teach how to look down on people in those Vault classes? While you were stuffin' your face with years worth of supplies?
206 Only one thing keeps you alive out here, Seven-Six. Take, or get taken.
207 00426878 004268E0 David's trophy, eh? He must be dead or turned tail if you've managed to get your hands on it.
208 004268E1 David's trophy, eh? He really must be dead if you managed to get your hands on it.
209 00426880 004268A2 Bullshit. I'm only here for David. If that bastard survived, I want to see him. Now where is he?
210 00426882 004268C7 If you are, well then this conversation's over. Because you're trespassing, and we don't take kindly to criminals.
211 00426884 004268F0 Holy shit a vault dweller? Even better. You come scurrying out of your little cubby hole and think you can start makin' demands. Think again.
212 00426886 004268C1 I take it this means you recognize me as leader around here. Smart. Looks like you got yourself a brain after all.
213 Seein' as how I'm feelin' generous, I'll spare you a minute to tell me what you want before I get back to retakin' Appalachia.
214 00426887 004268EB Hah, you killed David? So what is this? A challenge? Am I supposed to be scared? Emphasis on "you." She's not impressed.
215 Who the hell are you anyway? One of those damn settlers, thinks they own the place?
216 0059F202 Hah, you killed David? So what is this? A challenge? Am I supposed to be scared? Emphasis on "you." She's not impressed.
217 Who the hell are you anyway? Don't think I don't remember you from the Core. You better not be one of those damn settlers.
251 00549A24 00549A55 Maybe you should get a move on.
252 00549A56 Pretty sure you got somewhere to be.
253 00549A57 You hold off much longer, there ain't gonna be any Scorched left.
260 00549A61 Are you really showing your face here with no results? You better a move on before I have my crew show you the door.
261 00549A62 Don't make me regret this, Seven-Six. You're really trying my patience here.
262 00549A63 You wanna call it quits, just say the word. I got plenty here that'd love a piece of you.
294 0054A365 0054A38E You think I'd trust you so fast when I didn't even trust the Responders? Seven-six, you best change your attitude. You're on my turf now.
295 0054A367 0054A389 Can't argue with that. And I s'pose if you really were out to kill us, there's easier ways then concocting some damn inoculation story.
296 0054A369 0054A383 Just like that, huh? Maybe I need to think on this a bit more. For all I know, you ain't even tellin' me the truth.
297 0054A36D 0054A38A The truth, huh? Like those damn Responders?
298 0054A36F 0054A384 Heh, if I didn't know you were a vault dweller, I'd take you for a regular mercenary.
299 0054A373 0054A38B Dammit, Seven-six. If I didn't know in my gut you were right, I'd kill you right here, right now.
300 You got yourself a real attitude problem.
301 0054A375 0054A385 Heh...If he was gonna turn into one of those things... You did right by him.
302 Just don't expect any thank you's out of me.
303 0054A377 0054A38C *sigh* Thought for sure Aldridge and his crew would've beat 'em. Never would've imagined they'd end up like one of those things.
304 0054A379 0054A386 Sure makes you wonder how many of these mindless burnouts used to run with us back in the day.
305 I ain't about to let anymore of my crew suffer that fate.
307 0054A37F 0054A382 Excuse me? You got some fire in you, I'll give you that.
308 Heh, and maybe... maybe we might owe you that.
309 So, Seven-Six, what's this all about?
310 0054A391 0054A39D Heh, yeah. Let's get this done.
311 0054A393 0054A39C Just remember. You double cross me, I'll have my whole crew on you before you can blink.
312 And I guarantee your death will be so slow, you'll regret the day you ever left the safety of your precious Vault 76.
313 0054A395 0054A39A You pull through on this? I can rethink our relationship. But until then, you better watch yourself, Seven-Six.
314 0054A397 0054A39B Look, Seven-Six, I don't like you much, and I sure as hell don't trust you. But I ain't interested in losing out to no Scorched.
315 So I'm willing to make an exception, based on you having done me a favor, ya dig?
316 00566ADF 00566AF3 Heh, and this inoculation of yours just happens to be one of them? I've heard better pitches from chems dealers with a shit product.
345 0056D325 0056D34F Heh, and you're the one that wanted to talk. Player is exiting conversation prematurely. Condescending.
346 0056D350 Next time, wait until you can handle a conversation before you start one. Player is exiting conversation prematurely. Condescending.
373 0056D32D 0056D33E You're tellin' me you worked with that babysittin' trash can and never once heard her broadcast?
374 She's only blastin' the news far and wide about some rumored treasure hidden up here in Appalachia.
375 Now this place is crawling with vultures tryin' to take what's ours, and I ain't about to let that happen.
376 I won't let my people down. Not after all we've been through.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
315 0042F440 0042F506 Welcome back, Seven-Six. I take it Johnny's on board?
323 0053632A 0053634D Just for instance: I don't know if you've heard, but a little bird told me those Foundation folks are also looking to break into our vault. Heavily insinuating that the player does in fact know, because she knows that the player has been shopping this idea around.
324 All I'm sayin' is, be a real shame if someone I know were thinkin' the grass was greener over there. They might want to think a little harder. She knows the player is working with the other faction, too, but is giving them an opportunity to correct their course.
325 0053632F 0053634A So, you tell me when you're good and ready, and we'll get this party started.
326 00536334 00536343 Yeah. Working with Johnny can be complicated. He may let on that he likes you, but you may want to watch your back.
327 You got my blessing to hand his ass to him he gives you shit. As long as the job still gets done.
328 00536336 00536344 Yeah? Good. Johnny can be a pain in the ass if you're not in his good graces. You being tight with him will help this go smoothly.
329 00536338 00536342 Yeah, well, that's just Johnny. We put up with a lot of shit from him, but he gets results.
330 0053633A 00536345 You think so? You've done all this shit to prepare and you just think you're ready? Taken aback by this. Emphasis on "think" both times.
331 No, Seven-Six. You better damn well be certain you're ready to go and tie up any loose ends before we head on out. Being stern with the player.
332 0053633C 00536349 Ah well, maybe we find a way to talk him down some more before we finish raiding the vault. Moving on!
333 0053633D 00536346 Yeah, I figured he'd want about that. Let me guess, he started higher and you talked him down? Disappointed, but she figured this would happen, so it's okay.
334 0053633F 0053634C Fifty Percent? Shit, Seven-Six, Why would you agree to that? Shocked and kind of pissed.
335 Shit, we do need him, so it's too late now. Just know that we'll all be getting less 'cause of it. Disappointed in the player, but she knows this is necessary, so maybe she's just a little pissed at Johnny.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
2 0053C22E 00535E56 Been hoping to run into you. Somethin' fishy's goin' on here. You know anything about where Lev is? Distrustful. She's not sure, but she suspects the player may have something to do with Lev. Basically, almost anyone could be a suspect.
12 0053C2C2 What's the deal, Seven-Six? You get everything sorted out? A little impatient
18 0053C0E5 0053C1C6 So how about we all go break ourselves into a vault? She's ready and excited to get on with the job.
19 Assuming nothing else gets in our way, we'll meet you at the entrance, and crack that sucker wide open!
20 S'gonna be a good day, I can feel it! It's gonna be a good day!
21 0053C0E8 0053C2AF Rookie mistake, Seven-Six, but I get where you're comin' from. Disappointed. She would have rather the player killed him.
22 Shoulda plugged a bullet in his brain so others know not to fuck with us like that.
23 Ah well. He ain't our problem anymore.
24 0053C0E9 0053C2A1 I know we got a different idea of murder than some of the other gangs, but that was the right call.
25 You gotta set examples sometimes. No one fucks with us and gets away with it. You done good, Seven-Six. Putting some emphasis on the fact that no one fucks with her crew
26 0053C0EC 0053C2B6 Man, I don't know. You did what you had to do. Fisher, he held this place together with that brilliant mind of his She's disappointed that Fisher turned on her.
27 Surge was a better shot than most, but she never respected me as a leader. Even though we lost our best lookout, I think we'll be OK.
28 And good riddance to the other traitors. Anyone who doesn't want to follow me, doesn't respect what I do for them, can take a hike. Getting mad talking about the people who deserted and turned against her.
29 Those that ain't dead by your hands are in for a rude awakening out there by themselves.
30 0053C0ED 0053C2A7 I knew he and I didn't always agree. But, I gave him food, shelter, all the supplies he needed, and he always got the job done.
31 I shoulda trusted my instincts more. I shoulda known there was more to how he treated people around here.
32 You can bet I'll do better about that now.
33 We take in all kinds, so there ain't no room for insubordinate, intolerant pieces of shit like that around here.
34 0053C0EE 0053C227 Say what? Sucker better have got what was comin' to him for that. Surprised, angry at the guy, and hoping that the player killed him.
35 0053C0EF 005A1FCC At least we got who we need for the vault raid still.
36 0053C0F0 0053C1FD I'm sure I'll hear all about it later.
37 0053C0F1 0053C2A5 I assume you had to kill Fisher and Surge too. Shit. They were both great assets to have on our side. She's disappointed in her crew for turning on her, but glad the player dealt with them.
38 It's a damn shame Lev sunk his teeth in 'em and turned 'em against us.
173 0053C19F 0053C219 Creed's kind of a liar, but only up 'til a point. He's a major pushover.
174 If you put enough pressure on him, he'll always buckle and come clean with the truth.
175 0053C21A Good kid. Seems to be pretty honest, unless he's protecting someone he cares about.
176 Then, he's got a reliable tendency to lie for them and be the fall guy.
177 0053C21B I like Barb, but she's all about self-preservation.
178 She's quick to lie to save her own ass, but loves seeing someone else fall from grace.
179 She'll snitch if she knows someone else is guilty.
191 0053C2BA At least we got who we need for the vault raid still.
195 0053C1A6 0053C1EF You've got my permission to deal with the mole as you see fit.
196 But, you better be damn sure they're a mole, and only after you get them to squeal about Lev.
197 Oh, and Seven-Six? If nothing turns up, check with the bartender, Molly. She sees and hears things.
198 She's reliable and trustworthy, but her talk may not come cheap, so I wouldn't go to her unless you need to. Good luck.
199 0053C1A8 0053C237 Lev and I don't always see eye-to-eye. Like, he kept on askin' why I gotta let all the "freaks" and "misfits" into the gang -- his words, not mine.
200 Seems his bigot panties get all in a twist because people are "different." Meanwhile, some of these "misfits" are the best people we got.
201 You take folks like Gail and Lou outta this operation, and we don't got no Vault heist, ya dig? There's value in embracing those differences.
202 Believe me, the irony ain't lost on me that he's taking some of my crew and running off, just like I did with the Diehards.
203 0053C1AA 0053C1F9 No damn doubt about it. Someone like Lev's not dumb enough to leave anything to chance.
204 I'm sure he left a mole behind to report our activities back to him. The question is, who?
205 0053C1AC 0053C1CB Nah, too risky. We gotta play this cool, Seven-Six. Lev's a crafty sonuvabitch.
206 He's gonna expect a move like that from me. But you know what he ain't gonna expect?
207 You. One lone Seven-Sixer who don't play by the same rules. I know you got the skills. That's why I'm trusting you to do the huntin' yourself.
208 0053C1AE 0053C202 I'd bet dollars to doughnuts that Lev left some poor sap behind to keep an eye on us and report back if we made a move against him.
209 I done some digging. Seems like Creed, Axel, and Barb were each talkin' to Lev right before he left. I think it's one of them.
210 Problem is, they're all liars in their own ways. Maybe, if you go with the right approach, you can get somethin' out of them.
211 0053C1B0 0053C1D4 Now that I think of it, I haven't seen him, Fisher, Surge, or a buncha others either. Just realizing something bigger is wrong.
212 Guns and other supplies've gone missing too. I think we got ourselves some defectors.
213 0053C1B1 0053C20C Bastard did what? Now she's just pissed.
214 0053C1B3 0053C1DF Hell, I wouldn't be askin' you if I knew. Taken offense, wondering if the player's just an idiot.
291 0056F9EA 0056FA43 Man... If I knew that Barb was one-hundred percent the traitor, I wouldn't have covered for her. You believe me, right?
335 0059DD2C 0059DD30 Yeah, I figured, on account of you killing her. Meg's pointing this out as if it were already completely obvious. She was in the same building when the player killed Barb.
336 Don't worry. I ain't mad, Seven-Six. I gave you permission to take care of the problem by any means necessary, and you did. Setting the player at ease. She told them earlier that they could deal with the traitor as they see fit.
337 Only way I'd be upset is if you killed her and I didn't say you could. There's an undercurrent of threat here to drive home the point that she sets the rules.
338 I can live with sending a not-so-subtle message to everyone else: There ain't no room for a traitor in our home, the Crater. The last bit is meant to rhyme. traitor -> Crater
339 0059DD31 I had a hunch it was her. She's been abnormally quiet lately. She's just putting the facts together that Barb was the mole.
340 It's fine, though. I ain't gonna even bring it up with her. But, I will let on enough so that she'll be sure to suspect that I know.
341 One of two things'll happen: She'll think I'm being merciful, and thank her lucky stars I didn't string her up outside with her guts hangin' out.
342 Or, the doubt'll eat at her just enough to make her too paranoid to try something like that again. Trust me, she'll keep on the straight and narrow. She's feeling a little devious with this plan. She wants Barb to squirm.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
166 00548C23 00548CBC That's what I said. I got your back in case anyone else gets any ideas like Lev did. I'll come find you when it's time.
167 00548C25 00548C66 He said he's gotta make sure there's no structural weakness from the blast, or somethin' like that.
168 He's gonna stay behind and rig up support if we need it, so no one gets trapped inside.
169 00548C27 00548CAA She'll be fine. Remember, Gail doesn't go anywhere without that girl. She'll keep Ra-Ra safe.
170 'Sides, that kid's always surprising me with how resourceful she can be. Never know when she'll come in handy.
171 00548C29 00548CC3 Ok, get to it, Seven-six. Make us rich!
172 00548C2B 00548C6D No, I don't want you to do a damn thing. Just watch and tell me.
173 He's still a valuable asset, so I'm the one who decides what to do with him.
174 00548C2D 00548CB5 Thanks. You good otherwise?
175 00548C2F 00548C5F With Johnny askin' for such a big cut, I want you to keep an eye on him.
176 You let me know if he doesn't pull his weight. If he wants to keep his value, he's gotta earn it. Emphasize "he's gotta earn it."
178 00548C30 00548CD9 I gotta stay here and guard your butts 'til I'm confident we're in the clear, but I got an important request for you.
190 00548C31 00548C9F Seven-Six, can I talk with you real quick? Said in a concerned voice. She's not upset with the player. She just doesn't want Johnny to hear, as he's heading off.
193 00548C34 00548CE5 Fine, yeah. You three go on ahead and take care of security. Recomposing herself after getting interrupted, and setting things straight.
194 Gail, you're responsible for keepin' Ra-Ra safe.
197 00548C37 00548C72 Damn, Lou. Good shit. That was the cleanest break yet. Alright, Johnny, Gail, you two... Impressed with the spectacle of the vault door being blown away. She gets interrupted by Ra-Ra at the end.
202 00548C3F 00548C94 Gail's right. Let's get a move on. Just give Lou the word when you're good to go, Seven-Six.
204 00548C41 00548C83 I'll tell you when you're older. Shutting down the conversation with Ra-Ra quick. She doesn't think a child needs to know what goes on between her and Johnny.
207 00548C44 00548C77 'Cept when you ain't. Friendly ribbing. Implying there's a history between the two here.
210 00548C47 00548CB0 Alright, everyone's here. Y'all ready to rock this joint? Excited to start the vault heist.
228 00572D1E 00572D4F Hey! Seven-Six! I really need to speak with you before you go runnin' off. Shouting after the player, who ran off without talking to her. Annoyed the player didn't listen to her, but she's trying to be civil about it.
229 00572D1F 00572D37 Excuse me? You'd better not be disrespecting! Get the hell back here! That is an order, Seven-Six! Very annoyed that the player is disrespecting her orders. Emphasize: "Excuse," "better," "hell," "order."
230 00572D21 00572D40 You better be. Annoyed, since the player didn't listen to her the first time.
265 00572D33 00572D7D Let's get a move-on Seven-Six. That gold ain't gonna steal itself.
266 00572D7E I'm puttin' a lotta trust in you, Seven-Six. Don't you go failing me now.
267 00572D80 Just give Lou the word when you're ready.
268 00572D81 It's all led to this, Seven-Six. Let's hope your information is good and this ain't all for nothing.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
55 0056F789 005972E0 Get the hell outta my face. Mean and menacing. Hostile reputation. Hates the player.
56 00597695 Who the...? You better fuck off to where you came from. Mean and menacing. Hostile reputation. Hates the player.
57 00597696 You don't belong here. Mean and menacing. Hostile reputation. Hates the player.
58 00597698 You lost? Condescending. Doesn't know the player yet.
59 00597699 I don't take kindly to trespassers. You better show yourself the door. Condescending. Doesn't know the player yet.
60 0059769A Who the hell let you in? Condescending. Doesn't know the player yet. Emphasis and disgust on the word "you."
61 0059769B Your Overseer came through on the wide distribution over here. Guess we'll hold off on raidin' that old Nuka plant... for now. "for now" said with a wink.
62 0059769C If I hear any complaints on that Nuka, I'm sendin' 'em your way.
63 0059769D That little concoction of yours better do the trick. If any of my people turn Scorched after this, I'll be gunnin' for you. Friendly threat.
64 0059769E Appalachia belongs to us, and there ain't nobody that can prove me wrong.
65 0059769F You want somethin'? You take it. It's the only way to live.
66 005976A0 I hope you're seein' things our way, Seven-Six.
79 005834BE 005850AE Heh. I was wonderin' when you'd work up the nerve to show your face 'round here, Seven-Six.
80 005850AF Well, if it ain't my favorite vault dweller. Still ridin' that high from pullin' off that job?
102 0059F1FB Great. Thanks to that damn broadcast, we got all the rats crawlin' out of the woodwork. Considers the player one of the "rats".
103 0059F1FC What the hell do you want this time?
104 0059F1FD Are you seriously back?
105 0059F1FE This better be quick.
144 00585049 005850B5 Ain't anyone ever tell you looks can be deceivin'?
145 0058504B 0058509E Now don't be getting' ahead of yourself, Seven-Six.
146 0058504D 0058508F Heh. I expected a little more enthusiasm after all that work you put into it.
147 0058504F 005850B6 You stick with us, and there's nowhere to go but up. Can't say the same for them Foundation squares.
148 But I do know, you stick with them, you better watch your back.
149 005850B7 I sent the word out so everyone knows you made good on your deal. You shouldn't have to watch your back... as much.
150 Stick with us, and I'm sure it won't be long 'til we're all high-fives and handshakes.
151 So stay hip, and see you around, Seven-Six.
152 00585050 0058509F Not that you know of. People will tell you any old story these day to get what they want.
153 You want to think they so much better than us, that's your choice, Seven-Six.
154 00585052 00585090 Make this place a home. As I'm sure you can tell, the people I run with ain't all good apples.
155 I gotta do what I can to keep 'em on the right path. Them Blood Eagles out there? They're the real bad news.
156 00585056 00585092 Well, go on then. Keep livin' in that little bubble of yours.
157 Once you learn life ain't so clean cut, maybe you'll start to see things our way.
158 00585058 005850A9 That's the way, Seven-Six. I like your style.
159 0058505C 005850AC I'm responsible for these people, and I can't have any more of them dyin' or gone missin' on my watch.
160 Just gotta keep 'em on the right path.
161 0058505D 00585098 Relationships 'round here are... complicated, Seven-Six. You either get wise, or get the hell out.
162 0058505E 005850B3 For the right price? I don't put it past him. Much as I took a shine to Johnny, you learn pretty fast not to drop your guard 'round him.
163 00585060 0058509C Just jobs over time. We came to know him as a man who gets things done, and he came to know us as people who always pay up.
164 A symbiotic relationship, if you know what I mean. Course, that doesn't mean we gotta like each other all the time.
165 00585062 0058508D I ain't gonna argue, and I can say that's why most of us are here to begin with.
166 Survival is a natural instinct, Seven-Six, and the people here will do just about anything to survive.
167 That's why we never fully trust anyone 'round here.
168 00585064 005850A1 His loss is gonna be a hard one, but we'll manage. Just don't want to lose any others.
169 00585065 005850A6 You made a promise to Lou? You made a deal with us over Vault 79 in case you've forgotten.
170 Didn't see you lose any sleep over breakin' that one.
171 005850A7 The hell you couldn't. I been checkin' up on him on the regular since you found him holed up in that cave.
172 The man needed to stop pushin' us away and let us help him rather than clam up even more and let someone off him.
173 Y'all ain't got no history, so I don't put too much blame on you, but you shoulda come to me, Seven-Six.
174 Lou may still be here if you could look beyond your damn promise and see that man needed help from people that cared.
175 00585067 00585093 We came across Lou 'bout the same time we ran into Lev, Fisher, and some others.
176 He was threatenin' to blow a bridge we were crossin' 'less we paid a "tax." Pretty smart if you ask me.
177 We paid him, thinkin' we'll just take it back later, but it was Fisher who saw the real potential.
178 We got him to join up after that.
179 00585069 005850AB I can't say any of us knew for a fact Lou weren't gonna turn and take someone out, but I also don't think most us cared.
180 We got bigger threats to worry about, like them damned Scorched, and Lou's expertise helped keep us safe.
181 Sure some people talk and make jokes, but they got fears and gotta deal with 'em somehow.
182 0058506B 00585097 If you looked like that outlived everyone you ever cared about or knew, how'd you feel?
183 Sure Lou was one crotchety old man, but he was our crotchety old man.
184 0058506D 00585096 We ain't bad people, Seven-Six. Ain't my fault if you can't see that. Besides, I don't give a shit about what you believe or don't.
185 0058506F 005850B0 Heh. I'd say that's a bit personal for the likes of you. Maybe once you've worked your way off my shit list, we can talk.
186 005850B1 Johnny Weston was one of a kind. That man could talk his way in or out of just about anything.
187 This ain't to say he wasn't a major thorn in my side at times. The man was a real pain in the ass when it came to negotiations.
188 I can't vouch that Johnny was truly loyal or cared about anyone but himself, but the man came through for us more times than I can count.
189 00585071 005850B8 Losing both Lou and Johnny is gonna take its toll. 'Specially since we coulda helped Lou... but someone took that choice away. Stress on the word "someone" because she means the player.
190 005850B9 Losing Lou is a real bad deal. You shoulda come to me on that one Seven-Six.
191 I know it's what Lou wanted, but I can't say I approve.
192 005850BA Losing Johnny is really gonna take a toll.
193 00585072 005850A4 I think I'll be keepin' that to myself for now. I ain't quite in the mood for sharin' with someone who don't know what side they on.
194 005850A5 Lou had the biggest heart of 'em all. So big, he couldn't let his fear of harmin' us go.
195 He was almost like a father, hell a grandfather, at his age. He and Munch could really go at it sometimes, too.
196 00585074 005850AA Losin' people ain't nothin' new. You just feel the loss of some more than others.
197 00585076 00585095 And that's why you're still among us, Seven-Six. We may take in all types here, but I especially love it when I see potential.
198 And you've definitely got that spark, which is why I ain't riskin' you as an enemy.
199 00585078 005850AD Can't have them fools over at Foundation get the upper hand.
200 They spendin' all their time lookin' down their noses at us like we're the real enemy, when all we're tryin' to do is make a livin'.
201 00585079 00585099 Heh, after that little stunt you pulled? You got a lot of makin' up to do, but my crew will put you to work.
202 0058507B 005850B4 You're damn right I do. This ain't the world it used to be, Seven-Six. Things change, people change. Adapt or die, ya dig?
203 But we get a few bad apples? People like Lev? And we slowly start turning into them.
204 That's one bleak future, and if people gotta "disappear" so I can maintain that path, so be it.
205 0058507D 0058509D Heard they originated from some old biker gang, but they ain't nobody's friend.
206 You want a group to be worried about? There's your thugs and murderers.
207 00585081 005850A2 Believe it or not, I still got this crew to take care of. Makin' an enemy outta you ain't high on my list.
208 Losin' people ain't nothin' new for us, but I won't risk lives needlessly.
209 People out there like them settlers at Foundation? They like to believe we're heartless. Probably helps 'em sleep at night.
210 005A3550 Believe it or not, I still got this crew to take care of. Makin' an enemy outta you ain't high on my list.
211 00585082 00585091 Someone with your skills? You're damn right.
212 00585084 005850A8 I won't argue with that, and yeah, we all knew it was a possibility.
213 00585086 005850B2 It's your choice, Seven-Six. I don't force anyone 'round here to do nothin' they don't want to.
214 0058508C 005850A0 I had quite a mess on my hands after that little stunt you pulled.
215 My crew's calm, for now, but you got a lot of work to do if you aim to get back in our good graces.
245 005853AC 005853C9 I knew it! Wren said anyone who didn't like Bunnabun wasn't worth my time and called them names I'm not allowed to say yet.
246 That's how I knew Lev was a butt-face and Lou was my friend.
362 0059F1E7 0059F200 Don't forget. Appalachia belongs to us. Slightly threatening.
363 0059F1E9 0059F1F4 You mean what do I think of a bunch of trespassers livin' off our land?
364 For now, they're just easy pickings. They can build their little town and do all the hard work while we shake 'em down every chance we get.
365 0059F1EB 0059F1FF Going on too many years now. And I didn't bring 'em back here for nothin'. You want to underestimate us, you take your shot. Her first statement is her answering "yes." Slightly threatening.
366 0059F1ED 0059F1F6 If there really is a trove of unimaginable anything here, it belongs to us. When she says "Trove of unimaginable anything" she's slightly quoting Rose in the broadcast who promised a "Trove of unimaginable stuff."
367 We're the one's gonna benefit off it. Not some parasites who never fought for this place. Determined.
368 We may have checked out for a bit, but that don't mean we're down to share. Slightly threatening.
369 0059F1EF 0059F201 You bet your ass I am. Anyone that ain't one of us is just a rat, feedin' off our scraps. Rude.
370 0059F1F1 0059F1F7 We come back to Appalachia, and we're neck deep in these so-called settlers. Not to mention cultists, bloodthirsty bandits, you name it.
371 0059F1F2 0059F1F8 For real? Tell me you ain't heard that garbage bot of a Miss Nanny broadcastin' far and wide about some trove hidden in Appalachia. Doesn't believe the player hasn't heard about the treasure.
372 0059F1F9 Heh. More like "thorn in my side." Can't stand Rose.
380 005A1CC1 0058509A Thanks to you, we now have the resources to take it easy a bit. Focus our efforts on safety, do a little celebratin'.
381 These people are well overdue for a morale boost, 'specially due to the recent losses.
382 005850A3 Short story, it's all about survival.
383 Lot's of people out there that got left behind, just like we did back in the day.
384 It's amazin' how people's view of each other changes once there ain't no structure left in the world.
385 People like Lou, Gail, and Ra-Ra? No one wants to take a chance on them, so we take them in.
386 005E52DA Don't want to tell me? Fine. It's your business anyway.
387 Pierce is in the War Room behind Ae-Ri's shop.
388 005E52DB Oh, really? And what would that be?
389 005E52B1 005E52DD The Brotherhood may be organized, but we've got passion. We ain't ever giving up.
390 Now I don't want to hear any chicken-shitted criticism from you ever again.
391 005E52B2 005E52D4 Pierce is in charge of our fight against the Brotherhood of Steel. And he's doing a damn good job of it.
392 005E52B4 005E52CE I'm disappointed you would say that, Seven-Six. Especially after working side-by-side with some of our best.
393 005E52CF And who are you to say anything about it?
394 005E52B6 005E52D5 Don't you and your overall-wearing buddies get too comfortable.
395 Just 'cause the Brotherhood poses a bigger threat at the moment, don't mean we're fine with you settling on our land.
396 We'll come for you next.
397 005E52B8 005E52D0 Heh. Yeah, he is. I wasn't sure at first if I should trust him with the responsibility of that fight.
398 But the boy's got a silver tongue. Next time I looked, he already had people rallying.
399 And I ain't one to stop my people from following what they believe in.
400 005E52BE 005E52D6 You're what? You've got some damn nerve walking in here and admitting that.
401 I'll let Pierce deal with you. Might be a good story to hear later.
402 He's in the War Room. It's just behind Ae-Ri's shop.
403 005E52D7 You're what? I thought you were running with us, Seven-Six. And we don't get along with the Brotherhood.
404 Considering what you did for us, I'd hate for things to get violent. But the moment you threaten my people, you become an enemy.
405 I'll let Pierce deal with you for now. Don't worry, he's got a policy: no blood spilled in the War Room.
406 It's right out behind Ae-Ri's shop.
407 005E52C0 005E52D1 Catch you later, Seven-Six.
408 005E52C2 005E52CA Thoughts? What I got for them are bullets.
409 Luckily I got some folks who are real passionate about taking those bucketheads down.
410 You wanna know more, you talk to Pierce over in the War Room. It's behind Ae-Ri's shop.
411 Just don't get in the way. You'll regret it.
412 005E52C4 005E52D8 Did you? So, what'd you think?
413 005E52D9 Oh, yeah? And why should I care?
414 005E52C6 005E52CC Sure do. What interest do you have with him?
415 005E52C8 005E52DC If it doesn't matter to Crater, it doesn't matter to me.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
72 0054EDEC 0059C5A4 Hey, Seven-Six. You really pulled it off. See, I knew I just had to have a little faith in you. Impressed. The player pulled off the vault heist and kept their end of the bargain.
128 005526D4 00586AF0 We had ourselves an agreement, Seven-Six. I expect you to honor it.
131 0059DB60 You know, I should be pissed with you. I should shoot you dead where you stand. Meg is pissed. The player either took all the gold for themselves, or ended up splitting Meg's share with the other faction.
132 But here's the thing. You also saved a little girl, stopped Lou from killin' himself, and done other good things for us. The player either took all the gold for themselves, or ended up splitting Meg's share with the other faction. But Meg acknowledges the good thing too
133 So, I'm willing to let you live, and even continue to deal with Crater, despite what you did. The player either took all the gold for themselves, or ended up splitting Meg's share with the other faction. But Meg acknowledges the good thing too
134 But know this, Seven-Six: I've got a spike with your name on it right out front of the core in case you pull something like this again, ya dig? The player either took all the gold for themselves, or ended up splitting Meg's share with the other faction. But Meg acknowledges the good thing too
228 00586AD4 00586B09 As my old man woulda said, I admire your chutzpah. But you better watch you back out there. Thanks for nothin', Seven-six. She's pissed. The player kept all the gold for themselves.
229 00586AD5 00586B00 You realize we're just gonna have to steal that gold back from Foundation now, so think about that. I'm outta here.
230 00586AD6 00586AF4 All right, time to haul the gold back to Crater and put it somewhere safe.
234 00586ADD 00586AF1 You're really gonna play me like that? She's pissed. The player kept all the gold for themselves.
235 00586ADF 00586AFE You're pulling my damn leg, Seven-Six. This wasn't part of our deal.
236 Oh, you're serious, ain't you. Well, screw you, too.
237 00586AE1 00586B01 You done good, Seven-Six. We'll be sitting pretty for a while.
238 00586B02 Thanks, Seven-Six. I'll have to ask Johnny later why you're being so generous to him.
239 00586B03 Thanks, Seven-Six. I'll have to ask Johnny what you did to make him feel extra generous.
240 00586AE3 00586B08 So you fucking killed him? I thought I made it pretty damn clear that you were to let me work things out with him, Seven-Six. She's super pissed.
241 Well, problem solved. I hope you're real fucking happy. Shit... Still extremely pissed. She's being very sarcastic here.
242 00586AE5 00586AF7 Shit, Seven-Six... I knew Johnny could be greedy, but I never thought he'd go to those lengths.
243 I can't blame you for doing what you had to do.
244 00586AE7 00586B0F Shit, Seven-Six. I'm sorry to hear that. I never took Johnny for the hero type, but he was always full of surprises. She lost a good friend.
245 I'm not sure losing him is worth getting back his share of the gold.
246 00586AE9 00586AF9 Wait wait, hold up. Where the hell is Johnny?
247 00586AEB 00586AFC Name's Meg. I run the Crater. And this is my crew.
248 00586AEF 00586B07 I know y'all weren't gonna start this party without me. Ain't that right, Seven-Six? Said with an air of authority.
253 0059196E 00551EDF We're what's left of the Secret Service.
254 As part of the Treasury Department, we look after the nation's currency, as well as protecting it's leaders.
255 When it looked like everything was going sideways, the government ordered all the gold reserves moved to Vault 79.
256 We were put here to protect it. From people like you to be honest.
286 0059DB2A 0059DB5B Look, you may think you got a good reason not to trust a bunch of bloodthirsty outlaws. I get it, Seven-Six. Meg is pissed. The player didn't follow through on their deal with her, but she still acknowledges that the player helper her with other problems.
287 But that ain't how deals work. You don't get to decide not to follow through, not without serious consequences. Meg is pissed. The player didn't follow through on their deal with her, but she still acknowledges that the player helper her with other problems.
288 You better watch your back around Crater, is what I'm saying. You keep down this path, and all the good you did for us won't matter for shit. Meg is pissed. The player didn't follow through on their deal with her, but she still acknowledges that the player helper her with other problems.
289 0059DB2C 0059DB52 To hell with your Pioneer Scout do-good bullshit. You and I had a deal, and that deal didn't involve those trespassing freeloaders. Meg is pissed. The player gave half of her gold to the other faction, but she still acknowledges that the player helper her with other problems.
290 We put in all the work for this job. Now we gotta put in more work to steal what's rightfully ours back from them. Meg is pissed. The player gave half of her gold to the other faction, but she still acknowledges that the player helper her with other problems.
291 You're lucky you helped us with Ra-Ra, Lou, and other stuff, because I'd be telling my people to hunt down your ass, too. Meg is pissed. The player gave half of her gold to the other faction, but she still acknowledges that the player helper her with other problems.
292 All I'm sayin' is you better be prepared to put in some work if you want to be respected around Crater again, ya dig? Meg is pissed. The player gave half of her gold to the other faction, but she still acknowledges that the player helper her with other problems.
293 0059DB2E 0059DB5E Sure, go ahead. Keep acting smug. Keep taunting me. Push me too far, and maybe I'll forget about all the good stuff you've done for us. Meg's pissed. The player kept all the gold for themselves. But, Meg acknowledges that the player helped with other problems.
294 One thing's for sure, you keep going down this path, and you may never be welcome in Crater again. Meg's pissed. The player kept all the gold for themselves. But, Meg acknowledges that the player helped with other problems.
295 Now, I'm finishing this conversation before you say something you can't come back from. Meg's pissed. The player kept all the gold for themselves. But, Meg acknowledges that the player helped with other problems.
296 0059DB30 0059DB55 Yeah. That you did. But you forgot one thing: who you're dealing with here. Meg is pissed. The player kept all the gold for themselves. But, she acknowledges that the player did help her with other problems.
297 I'm a woman of my word, Seven-Six. Sure, we may kill people and take their stuff. It's a harsh world and all that. Meg is pissed. The player kept all the gold for themselves. But, she acknowledges that the player did help her with other problems.
298 But, we take care of our own, we listen to reason, and we stick by our word. That's what sets us apart from scum like the Blood Eagles. Meg is pissed. The player kept all the gold for themselves. But, she acknowledges that the player did help her with other problems.
299 On that note, I told my people you were welcome on account of all the good you did for us. So, I suggest you don't make me change my mind, ya dig? Meg is pissed. The player kept all the gold for themselves. But, she acknowledges that the player did help her with other problems.
300 0059DB34 0059DB57 Well, I'm sure I'll be seein' y'all around. Good luck with everything, Seven-Six.
301 0059DB35 0059DB62 Well, you got time to figure it all out.
302 Word of advice though, don't sit on it too long. Word's gonna spread that got your own stash of gold, and you don't got an army like I do.
303 You better be prepared to keep it safe from other greedy, opportunistic Wastelanders out there.
304 0059DB37 0059DB58 Alright, I get you. You don't have to tell me. I'm sure you got good reasons.
305 Just do me a solid. Don't do anything that would get in the way of my own plans, ya dig?
306 0059DB39 0059DB67 Hey, I ain't gonna judge you for that! You do your own thing. I dig it. Amused, but she can't argue with the logic!
307 0059DB3B 0059DB5A Smart move. I bet these folks here have loads of the stuff laying around they'd be willing to part with in exchange for some of their own gold.
308 Hell, we may even have some good stuff back at Crater we'd be willing to trade for. Just don't get any dumb ideas about how to use your power. I'd hate for us to become rivals, if you catch my drift.
309 0059DB3D 0059DB50 Hah! That's a good one! The America I knew was never worth fighting for, if you ask me. I'm glad the establishment got all blown to hell. Amused. She never saw opportunities for power in the old world.
310 But hey, you're giving me an idea now. Maybe we beat your friend to it and establish our own currency first. Then, everyone will have to bow to us. Amused. She never saw opportunities for power in the old world.
311 Haha, that'd be something, wouldn't it? Amused. She never saw opportunities for power in the old world.
312 0059DB3F 0059DB5C Hey now, don't you be a stranger around Crater, y'hear? I'm sure your particular set of skills could come in handy. The player's about to leave after successfully raiding the vault.
313 Never know when our interests will align like this again. The player's about to leave after successfully raiding the vault.
314 Speaking of... I never did ask you what your interest in the gold was all about. You wanna dish? The player's about to leave after successfully raiding the vault.
315 0059DB41 0059DB53 Damn. I can't say that's surprising. I don't think there's a more appropriate way for that man to have bit the dust. Coming to terms with Johnny's death, but realizing that it was entirely preventable if he didn't let his ego get the best of him.
316 Doesn't make the news any easier to bear though. It's a real shame. Let that be a lesson though, having a big head can get you killed. Saddened by Johnny's death, but looking for something to take out of it.
317 0059DB43 0059DB63 I'm glad he died a hero, like you said. But, I wish he were still here, Seven-Six. He woulda really liked to see all this gold. I'm gonna miss him. The player lied to Meg earlier to save Johnny's reputation (he had actually betrayed the player, and was killed by them) She's saddened by the news.
318 0059DB64 I ain't happy to learn Johnny tried to betray you. I wish he hadn't let greed get the best of him, because then he'd still be here. She's saddened by the news, but even more disappointed to learn that her friend tried to betray the player.
319 It's gonna take some time for it to really hit me. He's gone, and he may have been playing' us all. There's a lot to process, but I'll deal. She's saddened by the news, but even more disappointed to learn that her friend tried to betray the player.
320 0059DB65 And it's your fault, for playin' judge, jury, and executioner. I wanted you to keep an eye on him, not kill him! She's saddened by the news, but even more mad at the player for going over her head. She wanted to deal with Johnny, not have the player kill him.
321 I wanted you to do that, because I got other ways to deal with his greed that you don't. She's saddened by the news, but even more mad at the player for going over her head. She wanted to deal with Johnny, not have the player kill him.
322 But you went and took that, and him, from me. I'll get over it, but it's gonna take some time and effort on your part for me to trust you again. She's saddened by the news, but even more mad at the player for going over her head. She wanted to deal with Johnny, not have the player kill him.
323 0059DB66 Somehow I always knew that his own ego would be his downfall, but I didn't think it'd go down like that. She's saddened by the news. She knew Johnny had a problem, and maybe feels a little guilty for not doing more to help him in the past.
324 I probably should have been more careful not to feed it. Maybe he'd still be around. I don't know. She's saddened by the news. She knew Johnny had a problem, and maybe feels a little guilty for not doing more to help him in the past.
325 At least we can all learn from it: don't let your head get too big for your own good. She's saddened by the news. She knew Johnny had a problem, and maybe feels a little guilty for not doing more to help him in the past.
326 0059DB44 0059DB59 Now, we take the gold back to Crater and stash it away somewhere safe until we find a use for it.
327 The rest of the plan's the same as it was. Grow our settlement, assert our dominance in the Wasteland, and kill anyone who threatens us.
328 The gold's just a means to that end, one that's gonna make our lives a whole hell of a lot easier.
329 0059DB46 0059DB70 We just got a butt-load of gold, and everyone made it out of that ordeal alive. I couldn't ask for better results! Pleased. The player made her rich, and everyone's alive.
330 I had my doubts about you at first, Seven-Six, but my gut told me to follow through with you. Glad I did. Pleased. the player made her rich, and everyone's alive.
331 0059DB71 I should be happier about getting a butt-load of gold, but I can't stop thinking about Johnny. She's conflicted because the job was a success and she's now rich, but she lost a dear friend.
332 0059DB48 0059DB51 Gold used to mean everything. I'm placing my bets that it still does to some people. The world ran on gold.
333 With gold comes respect, and with respect comes power. We can use it to influence a lot people out there.
334 Worst case, we can trade for some high tech weapons, and finally stop using home-made crap that breaks all the time.
335 One way or another, we're gonna rule the Wasteland.


(Concerns with Margie)

# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
67 002CB462 002CB4A5 Ah well. Guess all we can do is keep on keepin' on, ya dig? Big sigh along with "ah well"
68 002CB463 002CB49F And honestly, it still beats hangin' with any of the other gangs. That deal we've got with the Palace is pretty sweet. All told, we got it good. Maybe it's not all so bad.
69 002CB464 002CB4AA Only reason we don't up and mutiny her ass is because she's got that piece of the key for the cache, and a few loyalists to protect her.
70 002CB465 002CB4AF Margie'd be pissed, but she ain't out there like the rest of us. So, to heck with her.
71 002CB466 002CB4A1 She don't know it yet, but a lot of us've been firin' first anyway, so's to save our skins.
72 002CB467 002CB4A4 I keep tellin' Margie we're losin' people out there because we're told not to fire first, and it ain't getting' any easier.
73 002CB468 002CB4A8 But you know, we got to eat, and so do they. Wavin' a gun around used to scare 'em, but now they got nothin' to lose, so they wave one right back.
74 002CB469 002CB4AD Some of these people are just tryin' to make it, like anyone else after the bombs. I don't want to kill 'em if they don't give up their stuff.
75 002CB46A 002CB4A0 I mean, yeah, I get it, but, damn girl! This is life and death out there! She's got to get this off her chest. Emphasize "life and death"
76 002CB46B 002CB4A6 You know, we're all tryin' our best here, but this whole idea of being a Raider without killing is way harder than it sounds. He's got to get this off his chest.
77 002CB46C 002CB4AE Meg here. I've gotta say something before it's too late. I think ol' Margie's off her rocker, man. Upset and a little confused. Definitely concerned.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
4 003FBFA7 003FE897 You takin' your sweet time with that inoculation?
19 00429989 Hope you're here with a delivery, Seven-Six. Patience ain't exactly my strong suit.
20 0042998A Still waiting on you for that inoculation, Seven-Six.
27 00597671 I'll have my people hand these out, but we'll be expectin' more. Slightly threatening tone at the end.
28 00597672 You bettin' your life on this one, Seven-Six? 'Cause that's how you'll pay if this shit don't work.
29 00597673 You followed through. I dig it. Lookin' forward to seein' you around, Seven-Six. Player delivered the inoculation.
30 003FCAFD 003FCB07 Nuka-Cola's scientists were trying chemical substitutions to make new flavors. That's how we're going to trick it into making the inoculation. with the player at the Cola Plant's flavor lab
31 We just need to figure out how to mix soda ingredients to produce human antibodies. Easy, right?
101 004029F3 00402A92 Fine. Whatever. Shove a bottle of anything under the nose of my crew, they'll drink up.
102 004029F5 00402A74 Well, we've come this far down the crazy road. Might as well go all the way...
103 004029F9 00402A78 Heh, ain't that a line. All right. If you're serious, then I'm down. Amused at the player's "bullshit" line. She knows they're just saying that and it's probably not true.
104 004029FD 00402A94 Clearly. And you can spare me the details. Wouldn't want to hurt that brain of yours trying to use all the fancy words. "Clearly" is sarcastic and a bit demeaning since the player is using big words to describe something simple. Meg isn't stupid. She gets it.
132 00429959 00429969 I'll make sure it gets distributed. Looks like you're off the hook, Seven-Six. See ya around. Casual
133 0042995A 00429977 For somethin' you were s'posed to do for free? Be lucky I was feelin' generous.
134 Now, a deal's a deal, so hand over that -- Hold up. Is that a case of Nuka? THAT's your inoculation?
135 0042995B 0042996B Wait wait wait. Bottles of Nuka? You tryin' to scam me, Seven-Six?
136 0042995C 0042998B You've proven useful, I'll give you that. Thinking on whether or not she'll give the player more money.
137 All right, Seven-Six. It's a deal. Sure beats turnin' into a walkin' burn victim anyways.
138 Now -- Hold up. You expect me to believe that you're so-called inoculation is just a case of Nuka? You best start talkin'.
141 0042995E 00429971 This is the inoculation you promised? Bottles of Nuka? You best start talkin', Seven-Six. Emphasis on the word "this"
162 00575A6C 00575AA2 You hit me up at The Crater once you got that inoculation. I don't recommend showing up empty handed. Straight forward at first. Slightly threatening in the second sentence.
163 00575AA3 Don't you got a job to do, Seven-Six? Condescending.
164 00575AA4 Pretty sure that inoculation ain't gonna make itself. Condescending.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00593C86 0053635B We got everything we need, so we're just waiting on you to make up your mind, Seven-six. You ready to roll?
2 00593C89 00535E6C Pretty good, Seven-six. With your plans, and the best damn crew I could ask for, I think we got a good shot at this.
3 00593C8B 00535E72 Lou's already setting up explosives at the Vault entrance. Gail's always ready.
4 And, for the amount you promised Johnny, he'd best jump when I say jump! So yeah, as soon as Lou gives the word, we're ready.
5 00593C8D 00535E6E Alright. Go meet up with Lou at the Vault entrance.
6 See if he needs any help. The rest of us'll head out in a bit. Then we'll do this thing. Ya dig?


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
30 0040D28F 0040D40A Alright. So, I been thinkin' about those plans. Place is secure as hell.
31 Once Lou gets us inside, I'm sure we're gonna meet resistance.
32 They ain't gonna just bowl over and let us loot, so we're gonna need the big guns. For that, we need Gail.
33 Gail's the big green mutant gal you may've seen around, always hangin' out with her little girl, Ra-Ra.
34 Ever since Ra-Ra met up with Gail in the wilderness, they been impossible to separate.
35 So just sayin,' you may have to convince Ra-Ra to let Gail come with us.
36 Good luck, Seven-Six.
40 0040D292 0040D421 That's ridiculous. We ain't never seen a ghoul go feral. We wouldn't of kept him around if we was worried about that.
41 Look, I'll talk to him. You focus on the vault job, ya dig?
42 0040D294 0040D3E5 I appreciate it. You saved him once, so maybe he'll listen to you.
43 But ultimately, Lou's one of our own. He's my responsibility. For now, I need your attention on this vault job.
44 0040D296 0040D43D Wait, you sayin' Lou's suicidal?
45 The hell with that noise.
46 Lou's a good man. Me and him gotta have a little heart to heart, see if I can get him back on track, and help him outta his funk.
47 I knew a lot of people chose to end it all after the war. My own mother was in that boat. Saddened, but she doesn't let it get to her.
48 World's a depressing place now, but we gotta survive.
49 That's what people do, and those that do gonna be stronger than anyone come before us, dig?
50 Anyway, Lou's always been a grumpy-ass cat, but I never pegged him for suicidal.
51 Guess you never know. I'll make sure he gets help. Thanks.
272 0040D3BE 0040D468 Okay, good. Lou's our way in the front door, so I don't know how we'd do it without him.
277 0040D3BF 0040D471 Hey Seven-Six. Took you long enough to come back. You get Lou on board with the plan?