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We ain't bad people, Seven-Six. Ain't my fault if you can't see that. Besides, I don't give a shit about what you believe or don't. I'm responsible for these people and I can't have any of them dying or going missing on my watch. Just got to keep them on the right path.

Meg Groberg is the leader of the Crater Raiders and a former member of the Diehards who returned to Appalachia to establish the Crater.[1][2]


Meg's mother died by suicide in the aftermath of the Great War which gave her the determination to keep surviving in a depressing world.[3] Meg was never a proud American, feeling the country was not worth fighting for, and she was happy when the establishment was destroyed by the War.[4]

At some point before the Scorched Plague entered the Savage Divide, Meg became concerned about the chaos surrounding contact with the other raider gangs being lost; she wondered what happened to Margie McClintock and feared the Diehards would be next. She sent a message to Vincent Fried, asking him if he wished to leave Appalachia with her group. Meg's group then splintered off from the Diehards and left Appalachia entirely with several other Diehards.

During this time, they ventured from Appalachia to the Commonwealth to Washington D.C., raiding and gathering new members along the way.[5] Meg met Johnny Weston, a man who had infiltrated her gang by blending in with the other raiders. When Meg found out that he had simply slipped into the gang, she reacted positively and the two shared drinks. They eventually "shacked up," and continue a physical relationship with each other.[6]

In 2103, Meg returned to Appalachia with her raider group, having grown exponentially in the previous years, to take ownership of the crashed Valiant-1 space station, dubbing it the Crater.[2][7] It was also upon learning of the residents of Vault 76 having been colonizing the region in the past year that Meg decided it was time to let the Vault Dwellers know that Appalachia belonged to the Raiders and they were taking it back.

After the Brotherhood of Steel returns to Appalachia by way of the Brotherhood First Expeditionary Force, Meg assigns Burke, Pierce, and Sheena to fight and/or sabotage the returning Brotherhood as part of the War Party. As Meg and the other raiders have previous experience dealing with the Brotherhood before they left Appalachia, she believes that they are dangerous, and the only interaction she desires to have with them is putting bullets in them.[8]


FO76WL Meg

Meg leading the Crater Raiders

Meg leads the Raiders at Crater with a cool head and pragmatic nature, but she won't hesitate to employ violence if she or her people are threatened.Fallout 76 loading screen

Meg views the raider lifestyle as necessary in order to get by in their world, feeling it justifies a lot of their actions and that they are still on the "right" path.[9] While she was a member of the Diehards, Meg believed that Margie McClintock's ideal of the pacifist raider life was unrealistic and often disobeyed the Diehards' standing order to not fire unless fired upon.[10] Even though Rose and Meg have a mutual dislike for each other with Meg calling Rose a bitch, Rose supports Meg's raider lifestyle, asking, "You don't think Meg and her crew are alive today because they were fair, do ya? You gotta live a little! Be daring! Screw someone over and never look back!"

Despite this, she is shown to be merciful at times, such as sparing Barb's life if she is revealed as the mole. Meg is shown to have a non-confrontational side as she chooses not to directly confront Barb, instead dropping hints so Barb can correct her course, showing that Meg still retains faith in others. A similar instance occurs when Meg hears Foundation are considering breaking into the vault. Meg gives a veiled threat to the Vault Dweller, warning, "All I'm sayin' is, be a real shame if someone I know were thinkin' the grass was greener over there. They might want to think a little harder." As a leader, she hates discrimination and sees value in diversity. She values people like the super mutant Gail and the ghoul Lucky Lou, the former for her strength and devotion for protecting Ra-Ra, and the latter for his skills in explosives. She once said, "Recruitment is better. Kill only for food and supplies." Gnash claims Meg tried to be part of the brutal Cutthroats but did not prove herself to them, resulting in her starting her own gang. Another instance of Meg's empathy is upon finding out Ra-Ra stole her snack cakes, Meg took pity and allowed her to eat the rest.

Meg's leadership is controversial and viewed as poor among some Raiders for various reasons, particularly to Lev, Surge, Caleb Fisher and Hal Gleeson; a common complaint is that they feel Meg does not go far enough as a Raider. For example, Lev viewed her as weak, mentioning she would never strike Foundation. Johnny's terminal claims Meg was planning "a lot" of raids on them, although it is not clarified if these plans were delayed or dropped. Lev's opinion of Meg resulted in the formation of Lev's crew. Hal left Meg because he felt he and Johnny would be better off on their own. While Rose views Meg as a step above Margie, Rose does not think Meg holds a candle compared to David Thorpe.

Meg highly values her connections to the loyal members of her group; she can be quite trusting and unaware of the dangers of certain people which is shown to have consequences. For example, Ra-Ra played outside Crater with only Gail to watch over her, which nearly killed Ra-Ra due to the lack of better supervision. Meg likes Barb, despite that Barb is a mole cooperating with Lev. Meg is unaware of Lev's plotting and his attempt at killing Lou. During the vault raid, Meg's trust of Johnny results in her bringing him along for the raid; Johnny attempts to secretly murder the Vault Dweller when Meg is not present.

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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  • Strange Bedfellows: Meg is first encountered after being summoned by Rose to the Top of the World to meet with the Vault Dwellers. The invitation was per the request of the Vault 76 overseer, so that her group could be given the vaccine to the Scorched Plague. Meg is hesitant to accept due to her distrust of the vault dwellers. If she is unable to be swayed with Charisma or Intelligence 12+, she offers a compromise: help her lieutenant Aldridge with an attack on the Scorched near the Philippi Battlefield Cemetery and she will consider having her raiders inoculated, while also granting the vault dwellers access to the Crater, Crater watchstation, and Ohio River Adventures, rendering her Raiders no longer hostile to the vault dwellers. When the vault dwellers return with the news that Aldridge and his team were wiped out by the Scorched, Meg finally agrees to have her raiders inoculated. Upon returning with the vaccine, she is initially puzzled to find it comes as a new flavor of Nuka-Cola, but nonetheless accepts it and expresses gratitude to the vault dwellers.
  • Overseer, Overseen: Meg must be spoken to in order to enlist the raiders' help for breaking into Vault 79.
  • Cheating Death: A demolitions expert is needed to break into Vault 79. Meg asks the vault dwellers to find and recruit Lucky Lou, who has gone missing.
  • Fun and Games: Meg asks the vault dwellers to recruit Gail and Ra-Ra for the raid on Vault 79 as she needs some muscle and someone small who can sneak around locked doors via the ventilation ducts.
  • The Ol' Weston Shuffle: Meg asks the vault dwellers to recruit Johnny Weston for the raid on Vault 79 to help deal with the security defenses.
  • Siding with Crater: Meg must be spoken to by the vault dwellers to confirm that they have cast their lot with the raiders for the raid on Vault 79 and not the Settlers.
  • From Russia With Lev: Meg asks the vault dwellers to check on Lou outside Vault 79. After hearing about his attempted murder by Lev, she asks the vault dwellers to root out Lev's mole in the Crater, then find and kill Lev and his gang. She can also be informed about Lev's benefactor Rocco (whether he was spared and convince to flee Appalachia or killed) as well as the identity of the mole, Barb, for minor raider reputation gains.
  • Buried Treasure: Meg and the heist team are gathered outside Vault 79 for the raid. She and Lou stay outside, citing the need to guard the flank and ensure no betrayals are attempted, but she asks the vault dwellers to ensure that Johnny pulls his weight to be deserving of the large cut of the loot that he demands.
  • Secrets Revealed: Meg shows up in the Gold Operations Center near the end of the quest to ensure the vault dwellers follow through with their deal after siding with the Raiders to break into the Vault. Depending whether the gold bullion was distributed as agreed, or the deal was broken in whatever form, she will respond varyingly.

Effects of player's actions[]

  • Meg can be chosen over Paige and his Settlers for a raid on Vault 79 after telling her the vault is where the United States' gold bullion reserves were stored and could make the Raiders rich beyond their dreams.
  • While distributing the gold, if the player selects "It's best we give some to Foundation. AC will hold 250 bars for them. You'll get the rest." then the game will act as if this is a final choice and there will be no option to back out of this. Meg enters an uproar, saying "screw you" and claims the Vault Dweller broke their deal, even though the wording could be seen as a suggestion. Meg then says the Raiders will have to steal that gold back in the future, and tells the Vault Dweller to think about that. Meg says she should be pissed enough to shoot the Vault Dweller dead, but mentions the Vault Dweller did good things for Ra-Ra and Lou earlier, but says she has a spike outside the Crater Core with the Vault Dweller's name on it in case they ever betray her again.
  • After the vault raid, if the gold bullion was not distributed according to plan, speaking to Meg will lead her to mention that she had to convince her faction not to start hostilities with the vault dwellers, and although their position in the Crater has fallen somewhat, she would rather have people of their skills on her side rather than as enemies. Choosing a further dialogue option to tell her that Foundation is weak will result in a minor raider reputation gain.
    • Whether or not the Vault Dweller betrays Meg plays minor importance during Property Rights. If she was betrayed, Pierce will not accept the Vault Dweller's status as a raider to be a viable option.
  • If Johnny is killed, Meg is very upset by his death, mentioning she will need time to process it. The Vault Dweller may choose to expose Johnny's betrayal. If the betrayal is not exposed, Meg will think Johnny died a hero, but if Johnny is exposed post-mortem, then Meg will wonder how sincere Johnny was and if he was just using her and the Raiders all along. She also may have two reactions to Johnny's betrayal, either victim blaming the Vault Dweller for killing him, or by saying the Vault Dweller did what they had to do, although it is unclear what determines this reaction.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Stalker outfit Combat rifle

Notable quotes[]


Meg Groberg appears in Fallout 76. She was introduced as a full character in the Wastelanders update. Before the update, she was only heard in the Concerns with Margie holotape, which has a different voice actress (Dawnn Lewis). The holotape can still be found and her lines were not re-dubbed. She was also mentioned in a terminal entry. Her Wastelanders voice actor (Mara Junot) returned to make new comments for the Steel Dawn update.

Behind the scenes[]

FO76WL Meg face

Close-up of Meg Groberg

  • Meg has central heterochromia eyes with brown on the inside and blue on the outside. She also wears indigo eyeliner on her lower eyelids, and her hands are covered in grime.
  • Groberg is a surname from Israel. It is an extremely rare surname used by very few people, the most well known being former soldier Florent Groberg and a Mormon named John H. Groberg.
  • One of Meg's quotes is, "As my old man woulda said, I admire your chutzpah." Chutzpah means "audacity" in Hebrew.
  • Meg is voiced by Mara Junot, who also voiced Elsie Taylor and Lacey Drummond. In localized versions of the game, her voice is dubbed by Chieko Miyazaki (Japanese) and Isabel Donate (Spanish). Meg's English and Japanese voice actresses share the same roles in Wastelanders, but this is not the case for the Spanish dub.
  • Meg is the most profane character in all of Fallout 76, with 36 shits, 26 damns, 12 asses, 5 fucks and 2 bitches.



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Original Raiders (pre-2102)